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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Health Care Reform

Single Payer is the best plan but the name causes image confusion so I was inspired to think of a new approach when I heard that in spite of growing public interest going over 50% approval, it was only mentioned 5 times in the New York Times last year ~

~ Care Assurance Network ~
Creative credit for self-sustaining participation;
* Relative regularity ~ habit training as primary care value growing
* Response ability ~ exceptional development case work networking
* Respect paid as C.A.N. dues ~ redistribution of supportive resources a branch of economic value stimulation, health services are representative points of sharing mutual support.
...the informational process recognizes contributors with merits for participation.
...the acceptance of even uncommon truth is the social fabric that weaves the best integrity for investment in innovation.

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Anonymous hightrekker said...

Hey Brad!
This is Scott, we met a mpjc. I just found your card, and am enjoying your blog.

4/10/09, 5:43 PM  

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