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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sense and Meaning

I would like to believe caring is intuitive. When we see a child or anyone in need the natural reflex is to offer help. We barely even think about it, care is too energetic for judgment. So, maybe some "things" are more meaningful than making sense of life?

But because life is a crash-course (without a manual) it seems logical to invest in insurance but should we pre-pay for supposed disasters that may never happen? This attitude of gambling changed THE response-ability of self-assurance we used to feel towards saving. ~ The American lack of saving is a symptom of HOW we invested in chance.

A sense-able response is reflexive repetition, "For every action there is reaction," This law of motion led to the Relativity theory from the Golden Rule, "What YOU do, will be done TO You!" because energy equalizes timing of mass movements. WE are destined to repeat lessons until we crash the program and upgrade to a better operating system, hopefully with more memory. The freedom to respond independently develops ONLY after many repetitions, when these reflexes start to seem redundant. . .experience hopes we can appreciate how interest extends with respect. We find more natural responses create the energy to move past the force of reflexive conditioning. Conceivably this self respect is the GROWING VALUE.

Knowing your self is the KEY to the treasure of awareness. Early documentation of this responsibility was offered by Socrates when he had it placed over the entrance to his school. "KNOW THYSELF"...Self approval is reflexively complicated by how awareness manifests as criticism. This starts the debate as the form of test we expect in our educational system.
I prefer experience becoming the best education because truth is a process we practice like healthy habits.

Arthur Schopenhauer lived from the time of the American Revolution to the time of our Civil War. He was appreciated by Freud and many contemporaries for observing psychological trends on the search for truth. His famous quote says "All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as being self evident."

My teenagers reflexively ridicule a large percentage of my information these days. Unfortunately for them I can enjoy sarcasm most of the time so the opposition has opened many a debate. Since my Dad was comfortable playing Devil's Advocate with me this can intensify their frustration.
As the first son of social workers I WAS an experiment in transactional analysis...The debate game between parent (victimizer) and (child-like) victim can become less oppositional when evolved to a more even dialog, of adult to adult, this can illustrate how personal understandings becomes respectable to others.

The reflexive manipulation of beliefs tend the debate to polarize us from
truth-making integrity. Consider how embedding media functions made for a style of reporting that sold the truth short. There became such a heightened style of ridicule that even George S used Sunday funnies on his THIS WEEK show from comedians that use sarcasm of news events on their shows.

The failed leadership styles played up the reflex to polarize making recognizable that oppositional behavior can expose an obsolete ideology especially after Senator Obama took the first singular debate with Senator Clinton and set an example of dialog to refresh an American attitude of acceptance just in time for drastic restructuring.
~ This President's example of open dialog is helped by the honesty of referring to the separation of wealth attitudes.
Finding common ground, in dialog, is the goal but the debaters will hurt others to win (favors.)

The damage of gambling as economic administration is not as debatable anymore when Capitalism has been deflated by the vaporization of capital.
The obvious dialog is developing fast.
If in gambling the house always wins, Who IS The House & Why would They DESTROY Their Source of INCOME? unless they ARE pathological deniers!

"If your house was on fire what reflex would YOU manifest on the neighbor haggling on the price of his garden hose?"

So I offer this article as a tool to encourage the attitude of social dialog to cool the anger of debating reflexively. ~ because wisdom does not enter an angry mind.
On personal levels this could mean the wisdom of inner dialog can settle some inner debates, especially when we think we need answers. The sense of learning I offer asks, "Why not...?"



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