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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Money is King?

Attitude is the foundation of health and will determine the object of care.
Relative truth is reflexive but a response is an ability
to appropriate perspective for balance control.

Has social attitude towards money been appropriate?
Insurance (as investment banking) is the debt risk
that has attacked the healthy assurance of saving credit.

What if there could be credit without debt?
Health care must become a supplemental branch
of economy to evolve democratic representation
for behavior that supports innovation and progress.
Education can inspire healthy questioning or feed us
predigested answers, and constrictive formulas.

The profit industries were mutated by conceptual
immaturity that NOW must face the reality that service and
information is a credit that won't produce debt when supportive.
There is a contributive attitude that must be THE Respect Values
founded on self-assurance treatment with awareness training.
Money is a limit to the kind of credit that harmonizes
the economic diversity of democratic energy growth.

See it!? or be a resource (buck to pass.)
When WILL the buck stop here? There? Where?
NEVER! so get in the cure/currency/current/care/Common Sense/

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