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Saturday, April 18, 2009

.creative certification..?

..deny the problems aren't amplified by lack of governmental response-ability & predict how much longer? How obvious is bail-out "socialistic begging rights pointing to who REALLY created it?"
Socialized medicine is the only alternative to costly victimizing reflexes...and banks represent stability? Questions ARE the best answers NOW..or tomorrow?
Have "They" known what 'They' (Might) be doing in the past?

Conceptual properties can't maintain economic foundations of equality.
Land was once the whole country, represented by a monarch, The Magna Cartas were periodic deals with lords to honor "common law" possession rules for imposed class systems. This rooted in land responsibility for quality control by standard enforcement squads, and their equipment investment as weapon development choices.
The highest certification was the insanity of criticizing another persons' right to exist by threatening harm, general disparity, with corporal punishment depriving privacy for major-restriction to rank authoritarianism by socialized capitalization (taxes.)
Government should be indebted to WHO they represent if democratic, otherwise THEY rule over freedom.


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