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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

contrasted. .

I seem like a contrary person to most who reflexively challenge themselves.
There is a defensive dynamic that creates energy by contrasting, to test reality.

The process of making money has become enough of a gamble to be suspect. Administration hasn't worked out as well as paid out.
What people are being paid for is losing the value of pertinence when so ineffective.

How can the supportive networking increase the perspective of the cultural contribution?
Nature ideally represents cohesive unity,
support is entitled reflexively as an expected behavior of understanding,
so an individual, feels like paying for requested budget agreements.
This is the reflex that requires serenity to accept respective resource management.

The courage to respond is differentiation from expected performance values.
Volunteering is the self-sustaining experience of interviewing talent.

My earliest "conceptual art ideas" was when I paid taxes I thought that if I could offer a survey of preferences to how my choices would distribute this credit, I might feel more represented, especially if the related results balanced our community awareness.
I don't feel jobs and education do justice to potential statistical corrections to wastefulness,
known to undermine future values. .


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