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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

legal Sense /

Common law?
Societies* suggest morality,
Governments impose law.
The law makes us buy insurance,
invest (pay) in disasters that may never happen,
and work to assure that the chances are less.
When we* are made desperate for time
morality suffers and ironically the most
desperate symptoms are both extremes
of the economic scale.
Those that lost the most money had the most,
this makes them defensive for how they got it,
even more, when obviously complicit for the problem.
Is government complicity finally being admitted from within?
Could these be the new revolutionaries that overthrow the
monarch money with three branches of credit so that
information and service stop creating debt?
Only industry is an indulgence (and deserve taxation.)

We* (in the days of my youth) accepted that housewives and
teachers weren't as industrious as the fathers that went off to work.
Profit worked well for the production cycle of Industrial Revolution, but to profit from how information and service is controlled which allows the desperate to manifest their symptoms as indebtedness, demands consideration / credit without debt.
The different ways that people "want" should be understood to have frustration for the unacquainted. Revolutions form from societies previously unacquainted with its' problems.
The Information Age is balanced with a Service opportunity in health-care entitlement.



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