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Monday, May 04, 2009

Branded for recognition

. . to dialog with the wild nature of creation came a thought that wanted to manifest a body for itself but the application of choice had limited availability to the brand of being called human. The ideal that choice is a gift had a relative obligation to be taken advantage of.
Choice is domestication.
When human awareness puts a name on something it becomes encased, that form is a cage, as limit of properties. The act of choosing domesticates itself by how reflexive it becomes. Relative to a name is a brand of reflexive recognitions.

The gift recognition is an offering that awareness affords thought but thinking can be imposed to take advantage from recognition. The healthiest choice balances a dynamic reflexive reaction between give and take beyond personal influence, in other words, social demands choose our brand of language.

The reflex of repetition is relative to the response ability awareness. We are habituated to be critical (editing) of new options (awareness.) Approval is a condition of experience and needs to create a greater self-image. Consumerism (mis)uses reflexes by branding that that has taken the (freedom of) choice from self determination.

All the brands of insurance allow us to feel we have a choice but there is no choice about have no insurance. What freedom must demand is (depending on) ASSURANCE that non-branded life has value. "Wanting" is ideally a freedom until greed makes wanting a brand of reflexive enslavement. The individual threat to freedom (as equality) is that greed symptoms proceed the dis-ease that "brands" it.



Blogger brad4d said...

I herd if you are branded, you are owned!

5/4/09, 8:50 AM  

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