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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Supplemental branches of debt-reduction.

America innovated government as three branches to mediate interests with checks and balances to cast-off a monarch who taxes too much. Money has become that monarch that is unbalanced and difficult to check. The amount of missing money is symptomatic of disregarded importance. The economy is not what it appears to be and who better to explain than your resident space cadet, I embraced my enthusiastic reputation as overwhelmingly vague and poetic!

I will try to project that money is too simple a machine for how complicated the financial demands have become . . why haven't concepts that have made so many future dreams disappear . . just make debt disappear?

Why does credit create debt? Could it be too conceptual for gambling?
Experience is the most real concept we can hope for and who hasn't experienced deception? Consider the idea of retirement money that existed last year is just gone. Money cannot be counted on for the next few years like before. Could the creative credit we deserve as a social revolution introduce a system of values for recognizable behaviors? YET? What IS the most trustworthy behavior?

Healthy habits and caregiving are the quality of life.
Health assurance is an ideal source of renewing credit integrity
These drastic measures could allow an exception with all the bailout package debt forgiven as redistributed through a credit system for bailing out desperate needs of the medical infrastructure.
Instead of the debate between competitive gambling houses (the insurance disaster lotto), develop a dialog service (like polling) with all the insurance employees training converted as agents of expedience.
Allowances in place of payments!
What a huge jump start if the preliminary step could forgive outstanding medical debts.
Doctors should be given credit for developing the character that does no harm.
Practicing healing is a spiritual credit that forgives the gamble by rewards of support.
Validate every dollar that disappeared to forgive the responsible.
The act of addressing desperation will extend the ability to support the earth with supplemental sciences that can't help but develop as exponentially as the investments in disaster and debt, relativity evolved from the principle of equal and opposite reaction like the golden rules.

The shock syndrome of the losses could redefine generosity with supportive finances created from care-giving credits to heal the need for something so conceptual. Ridicule is the shock of disbelief that it could be simple, so the opposition as socialistic must remind taxpayers what they have in common and fill the self-evident gap between insurance and assurance to create an assurance branch of the economy as the huge new job market like social work of the New Deal.

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