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Thursday, May 21, 2009

health vaci-nation

Health is a balance thus the most adaptable answer to any point of view.
The healthy diet is an example of varying classes of participation.
The practice of balancing attitude allows personal depth to choose its surface / skin.
The first breath starts with a cry to clear the lungs but the inhale is silent and thus we balance the critical cry in mediation or meditation.
Healthy cries for support seem to expose imbalance with the demands projected from reflexive expectations.
The paradox of the value of care is the cost factor put on behavior's symptomatic qualities.
The products of medicinal practice start with nutritional concerns for body balances.
The meditation /evaluation energy is sensitivity to slow progressive practices in reflexive relaxation in order to observe more inclusive details.
The systems of checks and balances have manifestations from the physical to conceptual design style maintenance and development services.
The spectrum of budget concerns point to the economic need for service and statistical credits that don't cause debt mentality reflexively, like production costs, for an new era in efficiency.
Three branches of economy are needed to overthrow the monarchy of money-changers.
Social security bail-out could be the assurance of healthy behavior credit.
Education could transform indebted reflexes into interest in information as credit.
The quality of health in attitude is in how the harm is admitted and justified.
Denial seems the be the main cost of time in dialog attempts that negates with debate.
What if denial factors manifest as depression symptoms?

Heath is the healing infusion of the imbalance that has been neglected.



Blogger RafĂ© said...

theres nothing more to live for than health itself

"What if denial factors manifest as depression symptoms?"
good thoughts

5/21/09, 8:00 PM  
Anonymous anne partain said...

"Heath is the healing infusion of the imbalance that has been neglected."

I agree with you here. The ego or devil or bad is only the distortion created by the exclusion of that which is.
Therefore balance or health is created by inclusion or allowing of all.
I see this coming to the many only after it comes to the individual.
That could be you and/or me.

5/24/09, 2:13 PM  

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