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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Appealing to Judges?

The apparent inability of the Judiciary System to maintain ethical integrity for social stability has allowed the profit motive to corrupt the supportive role of humanitarian values.
The experience as educated observers should allow the responsibility of the judiciary as individual activists to lobby for revised regulatory powers to dissolve the plaque building up in the heart of the system. Understanding the intricacies of credit distribution is how to evaluate behavioral modification.
There is renewed attention to be invested in the balance of outstanding checks that needs justification as job creation of mediators.
Creating a consensus of what is most agreeable to consider would add an appealing perspective to the decision extending process.
Using the power of the media caucus is more inclusive than ever.
There is more public awareness to the difference between beliefs, opinions, and facts for distinction of values.
Deciding appropriate compensation has never been so critical.


Blogger RafĂ© said...

just what are paradoxymorons and metamen?

5/12/09, 6:36 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

Metamen see/feel alternate dimensions of understanding . . the ability to execise a whole evaluation with out resentful judgment is a difficult effort and when I am out of balance I feel like a paradox~moron. Is there much difference between a paradox and an oxymoron?

5/14/09, 7:44 AM  

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