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Friday, November 28, 2008

Santa is SATAN

Dressed in Red, he comes from "The Fire Place!"
He questions reality to the point parents are expected to lie to their children.
Parents have to give up credit to One who extorts compliance (to be submissive is "being good.")
Santa plants the idea that there might be something better than honesty.
Is trust something to play with? How often is deception for fun traumatic?
There is no reality . . we are deluded on purpose.
To Give (/sharing) is the test of honesty.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The 3 "R" Point


Monday, November 24, 2008

Mandala for Imagining Integrity

BEing Human in a whereness


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sympto matic

The apparent need for money
POINTS to missing values.
Credit abuse is for money.
Health as wealth is the healing credit.

I call it luck when ignorant coincidence
understands rhythm of supporting cycles
extends appreciation shared.
If Luck is deserved questions Trust?
Trust is the best conceptual value.

Friday, November 21, 2008

monetary pulse

Money makes (only) debt.
The economy defies explanation because . .
what needs to be done isn't rational . .
if you don't understand how
responsibility relates to rulers,
those pretending power over . .
that is over powered . . personally . .
owes the balance.
. . that suggestion depends on value appreciation . .
creating the credit that supports generously . .
to justify excess (a) proving no need . .
the heart beats redistribution . .

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

authority question

IS (the) Author(ity) overrated?

Doesn't the story have to support the author?
Nature seems to be the stage offered to present our awareness.
The foundation of relativity is by natures authority and we must constantly start over to maintain it's healthy influence. Recycled reflexes reflect the wonder of what's better or for worse.

The authority of reason gives humans the choice to ignore nature. Reason defends how we respond to the awesome power of natural influences. Supportive response gives value to balance the critical limitation.

When things seem beyond reason, in order to ignore it, we turn to Divine Authority, to create conceptual respect for our thinking presentations. Destiny implies that purpose is beyond human understanding, and can make choices for us. Respect determines the greatest value, so why limit it with a budget?

. . for authors to write anybody out . . have altered reality as indulgence . . and the behavior it takes to extort value into money-holding is not the supportive attitude that contributes fairly . .
GAMBLING favors the rule makers, and just like a fight, escalates quickly the DESPERATE attitude . . it is that attitude that creates divine authority.

What I tried to present observes the reversal of the "Trickle Down Theory" as most natural &/or supportive.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So am I going to seed ~ the harvest is a flow of ideas and projects hoping to sprout into fertile creativity for the adaptation to more self sustaining response abilities.

If I could keep out the deer, raccoons and rabbits a garden would have open layout with terrace development. A gardener friend just helped me spore some turkey-tail mushroom logs.

At the house before this, my daughter and I ate peas right off the fence every other day and the sunflowers grew taller than me.


check the balance

WHY? Isn't the real results, that are already in, enough to be disincentive?
This distraction of fragmentation is because capitalism is competition;
competition that allows winners to take ALL. .
This administration could make more personal profit by looking victimized than if they exposed the intelligence to be responsible for their influence.
Their business was to make people pay for influence!
Do I have freedom to consider their rationality aimed beyond my existence?
Shouldn't most taxpayers feel like they have been harvested like a resource?

The way the checks and balances were manipulated has forced socialism to be more considerate than present values.
This climate needs perspective that separates money as a gambling game that limits consumerism to products.
Conceptual values are the toxic mutant that is eroding the foundation of care-giving services.
When I was a kid each family had only one taxpaying entity but individual freedoms became registration fees and responsibilities to perform increasing standards of compliance.
Ownership is a standard of "self-sustainability," as maintenance management.
The rights we have to "own" at our eighteenth birthday become legal burdens.
Penalties are symptoms of discouraging judgments that abuse used concepts.

Credit to create takes the patience to meet in groups and register concern.
Credit rating needs encouraging channels of participation to integrate a new culture with ways to earn response values like participating in polls.
Conceptual properties can reintroduce the integrity of trust &/or The TRUST investment. The National Trust could encourage value recognition that "money can't buy." The National Health could be a self sustaining care management education program.
Understanding separation of church and state is how checks and balances allow for expanding cultural values.
Why does money have to be the only way to pay respect? What can we bank on?

emerging values

IF money is becoming such an obvious symptom of DIS-ease, lets identify all the VICTIMIZERS that took advantage of being bailed out. Those bailed-on deserve the supportive recognition for contributive roles even if they SHOULD apply.
Compensation needs supportive values of creative credit with access to A TRUST as an ANTI-BANK Assurance Account for consideration strength . . if there are ways to tell if my password is strong? shouldn't polls and statistics take the gamble (desperation) from more living cultures?

The profit system of capitalism depends on production of material goods.
The money habits we have been consuming trivialize democratic values.
Selling conceptual products have turned health and retirement into a gamble. Social Security was misunderstood as an insurance product because it was designed as assurance. The supportive values of cultural integrity have been scaled into a hierarchy of desperation.

Taking time to talk to others is the credit of evaluation.
Education should develop interview styles that can heal cultural attitudes.
Town-meeting development is the turn I've noticed in educational trends allowing concern to develop good sportsmanship and get credit, extra.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

making a point

V-value will balance
victimizer for victims

E-value (evaluation) is
the supportive reflex
of critical interest to
neutralize discouragement
of judgment . .
Entertainment value needs
passion of opinion as style . .

the serenity to accept
is Relative security . .
the courage to change is
Response ability . .
the wisdom of
understanding is Repect



. . the basis of energy is support . .
so ANYthing that DIScourages is toxic?
Human nature is insulting to nature
that supports us . . while we toxify it,
for humans to think . .
their value is greater than nature
is a discouraging symptom . .
of losing support . .
human AWARENESS is the fulcrum
that can support or . . deny . . naturally

oil generator

. . a great example for resolve would be . .
if the auto industries were bailed out by oil company profits . .
and they re-built the electric car . .

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obama's Flickr




Saturday, November 08, 2008

if agreeable

...if being exact is for the sake of argument . .
allowing conceptual development is for agreement . .

Friday, November 07, 2008


What do we do?
Production value was the fuel of The Industrial Revolution.
(but) Human over-indulgence always seems to push the budget. (pad the envelope?)
Profit made sense to encourage creative over-head especially for research and development.
Expansion value is the basis of education and starts with family values, but there is a sensitive limit to how much we (can say we) take advantage of family members (and profit from them.)
Inspirational value is what motivates us to reach out to others, but it is so complicated that humans (have to) use money (to inspire.)
Money has symbolic value for conceptual health, so it may be limiting conceptual values that evolves healthy budgets.
The value of power can encourage energy development until the symptom of discouragement appears as (a) force.
The eroding force of a "trickle-down" concept is why power uses up the energy of it own basic foundation.
Conceptual value is trust that can share rights to (just) be.
Rational values seem to build trust but can also take advantage of indulgent thoughts.
There are so many values it has become too much responsibility for money to support.
We can't let tradition keep us from expanding our capacity to care.
Judgment is how much we care to think about our feelings.
Care is a scale from love to hate balanced by contentment.
The love side is supportive and encouraging but to criticize with the intention to discourage can lead to hate.
E-value is the encouragement in evaluation.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Awareness is the experience of sharing.
Care is the value of that attention.
Appreciation encourages trust-worthy values.
Respect understands relation of partnerships,
as the primary principle of understanding agreement.

The first thing we must be is agreeable, and this sets (self-image) standards.
There is the parent in our head that says, "do what I say, not what I do."
This is a symptom for (possible) borderline personality disorder . . If we can deny ourselves our own best behavior, can we recognize this dis-ease?
The borderline runs between (choosing) approval and criticism (reflexes.)
This creates a center where we can share contentment with personal acceptance in a cultural agreement.

Administrators wanted responsibility for the collective future with selfish financing.
The Securities Industries have redistributed values into socialistic conditions that demands compensation from expecting more from lessers (rankism.)
Socialism results when leaders separate themselves above standards.
Insurance (taxes) couldn't insure against this extreme? No assurance in reality?

The difference in constitutional compliance is in fact enough change to apply to those holding assets.
Penalties for non-compliance projects the hollowness (in-substantiation) that collapsed monetary values.
The switching treatment for this toxic condition relieves obvious desperation with generosity as the option. (The challenged may be more giving, proportionately?)
The desperation administrators show to own (control) all the money must be treated with non-profit forms of credit.
I heard John McCain say all the money spent on campaigns could equalizes social costs, implying appropriate redistribution could work.

Power of observation is the role of agents which is implied by representational government. Those best represented by federal policies get around appropriate support of their partner (The USA.) They owe more for the damage exuding from that influence of their standards than deserving compensations. This conceptual infliction is depleting all human potential exponentially. To indulge donation exercises as beneficial relief for their defenses could make all life more agreeable.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

why disagree?

Why it has to be
complicated is the most
amazing thing about life.
Judgments discourage
being agreeable but
evaluation can even
agree to disagree.