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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

high on Lowey

Design can refine the edge
between human and nature...

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sky removed



to keep




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bars of gold?

Money is the master that
let's us entertain thoughts
of freedom if payment is
respectable indebtedness?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

victim credit

The bail-out is symptomatic for victimizer mentality.
Managers* get other people stuck into justifying *their jobs.
Some manage to take advantage of creative workers for both sakes.
Makers are so invested in their own ideas they don't even know they are being victimized when they can do what they do best.
Credit doesn't create debt until someone wants it moved into their trust.
The more desperation to own others' property the less self sustaining the trustworthy properties.
Conceptual properties are proxies for integrity networks held in relative trust.
Deceptive management is loosing trust by how they delegate responsibility to others.
Without production evolution, no one is creating the values that all these managers have been hired to charge for, but we still pay for negative reports?
Jobs can that can be supportive get downsized but penalty officers keep squeezing their sponges until they realize their blood is next.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

prosperity paradox

Americans should NOT spend for universal health care because support for all Americans should be reflexive. Insurance company profits are un-redistributed emergency funds!

Any government employee that says government can't solve health care is admitting he is contributing to the ineffectual process and is an incompetent critic that doesn't deserve their salary!

Evaluation is the approach President Obama displays with his patience in dialog rather than being sucked into the discouraging debate.

Campaign financing has manipulated away the best choices.

Money has become more of a problem than a solution.
The economy needs three branches to over-throw the monarch the FED created. Consider U.S. Notes as a democratic entitlement that could be a debt-free credit for health and education and still stay out of the way of the industrial complexities and military (authoritarian) entitlements.

Change every lobby created dollar (both contribution and lobbyist salary) into tax payment potential. Corruption is obviously legalized and needs response abilities that even media can't address.

Remember when Senator McCain first said campaign finance reform should move towards entitlement?

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Structural damage

The health care reform effort is shackled by need for campaign finance reform.
The debt extends credit to the future that must challenge the debt definition, and make the Fed resign control by forcing a maintenance freeze while establishing governmental control economics by establishing regulatory jobs of mediators.
These agents of agreement balance the effects of victimization by rewarding an U.S. note to the branches of society that suffer most from the industrial revolution loosing its production values.
Conceptual investments define what lobbyists consider their form of bribing.
The example of bail-out expectations for reasons like "too big to fail" prove the government is being played for a fool by Fed and corporate interests.
Blaming and shaming behaviors come from the most likely to abuse.
Abuse is the symptom of the parasitic attitude that rewards victimizers.
How do we push abuse litigation into the era of mediation and medication?
Medical practice demands experimentation attitudes of risk assessment.
Curing this economy could extend a spirit, that does no harm, with deception management from private manifest destiny abusers.
Individual kickback behavior is the symptom of costly concerns about Congress.
The idea of downsizing has taken away the supportive edge, leaving a concentrated force of fee creation, that aggravates the "disappearing money" paradox. This demonstrates proof that the wealthy may pay more to keep from paying the taxes than should have honored the country that supports them so well.

The value of health and education could be a source of certified distribution for specialized degrees of participation in social structural design improvement.
The legal reflex, to punish the daring, needs careful balance to care giving attitudes.

The last administration aggravated enough separation of powers to be a civil uprising and demonstrated constitutional abuse. They moved the supportive rights of life (health care), liberty (investment participation), and the pursuit of happiness (education and recreation) with offensive defense spending.

Victims of these standards of living show more class by not complaining than the class that lost so much money by having so much money.
Accepting what is changes desperation deceptions.
I am the guy that those who don't have the money want to hire because I demonstrate counter lobbying behavior.
Some project that I am a threat to integrity, but we all know it is money.


activist tea

I saw Lynne Woolsey describe the struggle to sell Single-Payer plan state option to the Progressive Caucus, Saturday in Penngrove. She had many hopeful anecdotes as well to appear balanced enough. I wanted to ask her to say something about campaign finance reform, but the person in front of me spoke when she seemed to be choosing me.

Please help reignite interest in the most probable source of parasitic economic behavior.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

poetic health plea

Do you feel that you are spending time you don't have to be healthy?
I am confronted with limits in ways designed to feel indebted.
What supports my existence is the need to question better, especially myself.

Dominance over impulsive thoughts projects a point of interest to share, like conversation needs participation appreciation.
Even the brain has two hemispheres to balance since it is prime example of a distribution process between concepts and real effects.
Concern can become distracted with discouragement of a judicial system, which tends to bisect into good or bad.
Evaluation is the process of creating supportive dialog which can process the vow of "for better or for worse" over a long time in the name of eternity.

Could our relationship to our country feel more supportive than marriage?
The sacrifice paradox is understood by paying respect to equality concepts.
Service Trust is the care-giving value to give credit for attention.

I'd like to believe that choice in public investment is the best way to option away private manipulative buy out that must stop expecting bail-out. The equality of attention must now be a social security assurance which can take the figures "in the red" and create the debt-less greenbacks for a new foundation of healthy attitude.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I wiretapped my subconscious
so I might know what
I could be thinking...

Monday, July 06, 2009

suffering govt?

This national deficit may be perfectly timed to prove government is reflexively opposing the social best interest.
I will try to suggest that the deficit created for taxpayers is actually owed to us. The kids need to be healthy assets for values extended on them.
The governmental responsibility is relative to economic balance.
Aggressive tendencies are too expensive and are being overly represented in military spending and corporate favors.
The energy that flows through our currency has become so powerful it has burned out our infrastructure and delivery systems.
The industrious motives of the corporate Federal Reserve conglomeration needs the healthy balance of National Service Departments to keep our values diverse enough to remain democratic.
The socialistic request for bail-out proves the mutation of getting too big to maintain itself is an obsolete domination behavior.
Branches of economy could be created to represent victims of industrious disregard for better intentions to represent integrity.
The whole purpose of government is as an example of self-supportive resource management.
The authority to create credit from the debt has been attempted by presidents before when private money dissolved trust by buying into toxic power exploitation.
"Power to the people" (democracy) can only come from a national credit for participation in supportive behavior.
Most of the jobs today seem to be for discouragement and thus need downsizing.
Healthy behavior allows for proportional emergency compensation as an indicator of care full education.
Government only half cares for this social imbalance of prerequisites and conventions.
I would like to offer observations of concern.
People of indulgent needs that create (production) needs for others to pay for are committing crimes of entertainment like watching their victims suffer for improvement.

The Government could declare Federal Reserve currency creates illegally unequal cultural values unless balanced with a U.S.Note for the Health support that could create a service branch of economy inclusively networking medical and educational departments.
The multi-branching of government is in public interest that yields more appreciation (when needed) if viewed as self-supported.


Friday, July 03, 2009

by polarity

I seem more split on most issues than many observers.
That is alright with me because I know I have two brains.

How we relate to ourselves can be uncomfortable sometimes.
This is the critical left brain thinking it is important enough to determine the right brain is indebted. We think we owe paying attention for our education of values. These thoughts are relatively contrived to contain the conceptual. When the left brain feels authoritarian it is compensating for natural urges to play and experience variety.
The balance of both partners creates contentment. This may be the meditative objective.

Mediation is the recognition of disagreement imbalances. (I must mediate my time to meditate.)
Relativity is a family of paradox necessities, like the sharing of two genders to reproduce.
The observation of polarity is how a battery stores power between two poles.
The negative must be prepared to take in as much as the projected positive output for a healthy currency.

I saw 3-D movies @ The County Fair yesterday to experience bi-focal vision beyond reality.
The single view is not in depth, there must be two points of view to understand

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

health credit

Debt is an overwhelming human dis-ease.
Debt proves we are not healthy.
The choking we see economically
proves debt is the carbon dioxide atmosphere left
while credit is the oxygen being bottled up.
Have you read the fine print on the labels?

The government could recycle those bottles if
the attitude of health meant balanced credit.
The labels on those bottles are insurance costs,
so don't relabel the package with this discouragement.

Insurance is gambling with our governmental
responsibility to provide trustworthy assurance.
Con-fusion is a revaluing system that transforms
deception into being self-evident cons-piracy.

The educational entitlement that has come
with all the forms of certification distraction
makes community health the obvious credit to create,
a new branch of national support with medical resource development.

The redistribution of interest from production to
service and information is revealing where appreciation is missing
and why corporate interests create taxation manipulation.
Health credit creation could neutralize debt and end taxation.
An exponential understanding has excited the public interest to learn more.

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