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Thursday, July 16, 2009

poetic health plea

Do you feel that you are spending time you don't have to be healthy?
I am confronted with limits in ways designed to feel indebted.
What supports my existence is the need to question better, especially myself.

Dominance over impulsive thoughts projects a point of interest to share, like conversation needs participation appreciation.
Even the brain has two hemispheres to balance since it is prime example of a distribution process between concepts and real effects.
Concern can become distracted with discouragement of a judicial system, which tends to bisect into good or bad.
Evaluation is the process of creating supportive dialog which can process the vow of "for better or for worse" over a long time in the name of eternity.

Could our relationship to our country feel more supportive than marriage?
The sacrifice paradox is understood by paying respect to equality concepts.
Service Trust is the care-giving value to give credit for attention.

I'd like to believe that choice in public investment is the best way to option away private manipulative buy out that must stop expecting bail-out. The equality of attention must now be a social security assurance which can take the figures "in the red" and create the debt-less greenbacks for a new foundation of healthy attitude.

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