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Thursday, June 25, 2009

bank on common trust?

The education of social behavior is redefining financial logic.
There is statistical proof that personal performance and governmental examples set standards of reality that deceive ideals reflexively.
The passing of responsibility is proof that unreasonable expectations of administrations are forcing the support teams to realize they are more trustworthy than their authorities.
Bosses can't keep charging their constituents for their miscalculations, starting with wages as performance value.

The prerequisite charges (taxes, licenses, certifications, degrees, etc.) for being part of this society is educating the standards (of observation) that obviously need balancing as much as budgets.
Common sense can't be forced into a mold that obviously fails because it has been corrupted.
The fact of governmental debt excuses parallel standards of personal credit indulgence could be considered.
Coalitions of individuals are realizing what "being too big to fail" actually implies and express the need for downsizing trust.
Stability is contrived understanding between personalities that share responsibility.

The national debt should encourage taxpayers to understand how trust is the new property to develop.
This economy of conceptual values has developed The Trust as a vehicle of investment to educate terms of appreciation.
Trust must be reconnected to what banking implies.
Investing in debt was necessary for production (of an industrial economy) but health and education needs a more forgiving system that builds trust.

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Blogger Rafé said...

trust is a good thing to have...
I wonder why they take ethics out of politics and economics...

when something bounces there is more net energy than if it did not...thanks for the comment, I liked your person touch input

6/29/09, 1:28 AM  

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