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Monday, July 06, 2009

suffering govt?

This national deficit may be perfectly timed to prove government is reflexively opposing the social best interest.
I will try to suggest that the deficit created for taxpayers is actually owed to us. The kids need to be healthy assets for values extended on them.
The governmental responsibility is relative to economic balance.
Aggressive tendencies are too expensive and are being overly represented in military spending and corporate favors.
The energy that flows through our currency has become so powerful it has burned out our infrastructure and delivery systems.
The industrious motives of the corporate Federal Reserve conglomeration needs the healthy balance of National Service Departments to keep our values diverse enough to remain democratic.
The socialistic request for bail-out proves the mutation of getting too big to maintain itself is an obsolete domination behavior.
Branches of economy could be created to represent victims of industrious disregard for better intentions to represent integrity.
The whole purpose of government is as an example of self-supportive resource management.
The authority to create credit from the debt has been attempted by presidents before when private money dissolved trust by buying into toxic power exploitation.
"Power to the people" (democracy) can only come from a national credit for participation in supportive behavior.
Most of the jobs today seem to be for discouragement and thus need downsizing.
Healthy behavior allows for proportional emergency compensation as an indicator of care full education.
Government only half cares for this social imbalance of prerequisites and conventions.
I would like to offer observations of concern.
People of indulgent needs that create (production) needs for others to pay for are committing crimes of entertainment like watching their victims suffer for improvement.

The Government could declare Federal Reserve currency creates illegally unequal cultural values unless balanced with a U.S.Note for the Health support that could create a service branch of economy inclusively networking medical and educational departments.
The multi-branching of government is in public interest that yields more appreciation (when needed) if viewed as self-supported.



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