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Friday, July 03, 2009

by polarity

I seem more split on most issues than many observers.
That is alright with me because I know I have two brains.

How we relate to ourselves can be uncomfortable sometimes.
This is the critical left brain thinking it is important enough to determine the right brain is indebted. We think we owe paying attention for our education of values. These thoughts are relatively contrived to contain the conceptual. When the left brain feels authoritarian it is compensating for natural urges to play and experience variety.
The balance of both partners creates contentment. This may be the meditative objective.

Mediation is the recognition of disagreement imbalances. (I must mediate my time to meditate.)
Relativity is a family of paradox necessities, like the sharing of two genders to reproduce.
The observation of polarity is how a battery stores power between two poles.
The negative must be prepared to take in as much as the projected positive output for a healthy currency.

I saw 3-D movies @ The County Fair yesterday to experience bi-focal vision beyond reality.
The single view is not in depth, there must be two points of view to understand

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