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Thursday, July 02, 2009

health credit

Debt is an overwhelming human dis-ease.
Debt proves we are not healthy.
The choking we see economically
proves debt is the carbon dioxide atmosphere left
while credit is the oxygen being bottled up.
Have you read the fine print on the labels?

The government could recycle those bottles if
the attitude of health meant balanced credit.
The labels on those bottles are insurance costs,
so don't relabel the package with this discouragement.

Insurance is gambling with our governmental
responsibility to provide trustworthy assurance.
Con-fusion is a revaluing system that transforms
deception into being self-evident cons-piracy.

The educational entitlement that has come
with all the forms of certification distraction
makes community health the obvious credit to create,
a new branch of national support with medical resource development.

The redistribution of interest from production to
service and information is revealing where appreciation is missing
and why corporate interests create taxation manipulation.
Health credit creation could neutralize debt and end taxation.
An exponential understanding has excited the public interest to learn more.

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