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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

victim credit

The bail-out is symptomatic for victimizer mentality.
Managers* get other people stuck into justifying *their jobs.
Some manage to take advantage of creative workers for both sakes.
Makers are so invested in their own ideas they don't even know they are being victimized when they can do what they do best.
Credit doesn't create debt until someone wants it moved into their trust.
The more desperation to own others' property the less self sustaining the trustworthy properties.
Conceptual properties are proxies for integrity networks held in relative trust.
Deceptive management is loosing trust by how they delegate responsibility to others.
Without production evolution, no one is creating the values that all these managers have been hired to charge for, but we still pay for negative reports?
Jobs can that can be supportive get downsized but penalty officers keep squeezing their sponges until they realize their blood is next.

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