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Monday, July 20, 2009

Structural damage

The health care reform effort is shackled by need for campaign finance reform.
The debt extends credit to the future that must challenge the debt definition, and make the Fed resign control by forcing a maintenance freeze while establishing governmental control economics by establishing regulatory jobs of mediators.
These agents of agreement balance the effects of victimization by rewarding an U.S. note to the branches of society that suffer most from the industrial revolution loosing its production values.
Conceptual investments define what lobbyists consider their form of bribing.
The example of bail-out expectations for reasons like "too big to fail" prove the government is being played for a fool by Fed and corporate interests.
Blaming and shaming behaviors come from the most likely to abuse.
Abuse is the symptom of the parasitic attitude that rewards victimizers.
How do we push abuse litigation into the era of mediation and medication?
Medical practice demands experimentation attitudes of risk assessment.
Curing this economy could extend a spirit, that does no harm, with deception management from private manifest destiny abusers.
Individual kickback behavior is the symptom of costly concerns about Congress.
The idea of downsizing has taken away the supportive edge, leaving a concentrated force of fee creation, that aggravates the "disappearing money" paradox. This demonstrates proof that the wealthy may pay more to keep from paying the taxes than should have honored the country that supports them so well.

The value of health and education could be a source of certified distribution for specialized degrees of participation in social structural design improvement.
The legal reflex, to punish the daring, needs careful balance to care giving attitudes.

The last administration aggravated enough separation of powers to be a civil uprising and demonstrated constitutional abuse. They moved the supportive rights of life (health care), liberty (investment participation), and the pursuit of happiness (education and recreation) with offensive defense spending.

Victims of these standards of living show more class by not complaining than the class that lost so much money by having so much money.
Accepting what is changes desperation deceptions.
I am the guy that those who don't have the money want to hire because I demonstrate counter lobbying behavior.
Some project that I am a threat to integrity, but we all know it is money.



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