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Monday, August 31, 2009

Relative to CARE..

..awareness starts by placing a self into a relationship.
Who and where are the critical elements.
Awareness manifests as styles of behavior that share role playing responsibilities.
Partnership is relative to internal integrity from varying points of view.
Evidence of how important sharing is points to the creation of our bodies and brains in halves or hemispheres (right and left.)
Critical awareness balances indulgent support.
Care is assurance that action gets satisfaction from making others comfortable.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

-John Locke,

"Our incomes are like our shoes;
if too small, they gall and pinch us;
but if too large,
they cause us to stumble and to trip."

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wholy con of me

The deficit is taxpayer funding of the future,
created by governmental concepts,
that in order to be responsible must provide us with that much service and information!
Creating a national banking assurance policy to balance books, conceived by a non-FEDERAL lacking of RESERVES,
could create three branches of economy so the best countries can entitle rights beyond past budgets.
What has been TAKEN for granted are the values of parasitic competition, demanding indentured industriousness,
that gambles on disaster and makes it a game called insurance.
Only the incorporated wants to stress the payments (to agents) over the care values.

Doctors should be sponsored to take their classes, and not be risking debt. What percentage of the deficit could be neutralized just by paying-off every hospital and medical care investment presently unpaid?
Healing arts and medical practice should credit every patient that submits to participation, for restoring comfort starts with financial relief bailed-on victims of 401K mistrust. Retirement depends on re-evaluating loss concepts as deceptive cons privated assurances of rights to entitlement for gambling on windfalls
Government must RE: public to end the piracy of privateering.
Is the Cons piracy enough evidence of the tax evasion being greed and disrespect by the biggest abusers ("manifest destiny" traitors) of Earth and country (resource availability?)
Doesn't lobbying show how they could cover any need for taxes?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


For political values to ask for contribution is like admitting their job shouldn't exist.
Officials that don't trust the government to work right are admitting something about themselves.
The way lobbying allows corruption to seem legal has representational symptoms of a parasitic foreign body.
The government sponsored by The Federal Reserve is a tumor getting more malignant as we realize how little is trustworthy spending.
The monetary system is (a monarchy) holding access for ransom.
The revolution for a three branch economy needs the health CARE concept to create a CREDIT that can't be indebted.
IF we don't get health care ASSURANCE the financing of representation will be blamed.
Production economy needs the support of service and information credits that have not been acknowledged but are being felt (and downsized) as frustration to compensate appropriate tribute and participation.
Profit was fuel/oil for The Industrial Revolution but to withhold service and information for profit IS CRIMINAL neglect of a less industrious style of living.
The non-profit sector deserves a nurturing credit from a National Bank, that deserves to reverse all the deficit from past responsibilities of this gambling (insurance) system.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

insurance gambles w/assurance

Certainty is manmade fear to allow understanding limits of naturally inspired curiosity. Paradox understanding keeps negating reflexes in balance (with confusion.) To introduce evolution as education allows time for unexpected interest in growth (if willing to embrace confusion.) Appreciation separates reason from reality materially (certainly,) while conceptual (0ptional) values become educational revelations.

Victimizer jobs are getting more obvious by the character of discouraging criticism. The concepts of blame, shame, or threat are the opposing approaches to support.
The rules that fulfill these functions are indulgent and costly.
Ironic paradox that the politicians that sold-out most to the private sector have RE:PUBLIC in their self description.

When smart enough to realize the (yearly) tax needed to pay no (monthly) Insurance payment is much less (less often,) the citizen would deserve Doctor to Patient Care and Education entitlements. Can healthy attitudes balance gambling books of wealthy risk buyers?
Isn't being a doctor (or nurse) a PUBLIC service by many RESPECTS?
Why private profits don't always make sense..
privacy seems more criminal with most lobby efforts..
as cons-piracy...

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

UOme-s for IOU-s

Paradox understanding keeps negative excess toxins in balance.
To introduce evolution as education allows time before expected interest is reasonable.
Excess separates reason from reality materially while conceptually educational.

Could the financial reflexes be easy to understand in reverse?

When the state of California started issuing IOUs
I realized the national deficit as time to tell the government UOme values are health related for unity defeatists.
Privacy entitlements used public service funds to defeat democratic standards (complcating rules & rights.)
The debt is a mistake in (manifest) destiny that popped the privacy cherry as all out rape.
Victimizers are reflexively helping create victims without know they are one too.
The statistics are the evidence that binds the responsible to the misTAKE.

Creating ease assurance
is the kind of agent role
past government has gone
unpaid for by those getting & taking
advantages with contributions.

Re-create (& educate) the lobby game
by trustworthy mediation regulators
(exposing fear creation containment
allowing journalistic observation
for statistical value balancing)
to encourage supportive behaviors.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Option the public?

Public health equality
determines quality of life.
Private businesses are
pollution producers, inevitably.

out of center