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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

UOme-s for IOU-s

Paradox understanding keeps negative excess toxins in balance.
To introduce evolution as education allows time before expected interest is reasonable.
Excess separates reason from reality materially while conceptually educational.

Could the financial reflexes be easy to understand in reverse?

When the state of California started issuing IOUs
I realized the national deficit as time to tell the government UOme values are health related for unity defeatists.
Privacy entitlements used public service funds to defeat democratic standards (complcating rules & rights.)
The debt is a mistake in (manifest) destiny that popped the privacy cherry as all out rape.
Victimizers are reflexively helping create victims without know they are one too.
The statistics are the evidence that binds the responsible to the misTAKE.

Creating ease assurance
is the kind of agent role
past government has gone
unpaid for by those getting & taking
advantages with contributions.

Re-create (& educate) the lobby game
by trustworthy mediation regulators
(exposing fear creation containment
allowing journalistic observation
for statistical value balancing)
to encourage supportive behaviors.

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