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Thursday, May 31, 2007

freeing standards

If the best standard every existed, one second later wouldn't it become myth?

Man-made pathology came with the want to define consistency.

Could nature be the highest standard? ~ as our mother?

Is The Father as a standard of guidance (spirit) interesting intercourse?

Standards measure natural tendencies to nourish living systems.

If The Ten Commandments were necessary principles to inherit the Earth,
by what standards would humanity be deserving of this home?
Are the standards of manifesting these principles affecting environmental factors?
How mutated standards become from the principle reformation is dis-ease pathology.

The Standard of Health is integrity (with natural trends.)
What this society calls, "getting it together" seems more like fragmentation by imposing standards on individuals.

Slavery is the imbalance of being beholding, so to hold standards is self-victimization.
Will freedom ever be void of standards?
The closest I feel free from judgment is when I can balance criticism with approval, hearing becomes a meditative balancing neutral emotions that "remove" thoughts.


1~ First consider CREATION as the source of existence and awareness of its principle purposes (standards.) The most powerful standards are about being critical, THAT IS what creates the victimization costs.

2~ FREEDOM is the principle of equalization by having the ability to be what you can see as individual rights. Freedom is appreciation, it creates the allowance of approval.

3~ CARE-GIVING is the principle of extra attention to other investments besides individual selfish needs. The illusion of being better than others depreciates the principle of equality. Being better translates into doing better with proper care.

4~ COMMUNICATION (as freedom of expression) is the principle of understanding more questions come from every answer. This is the right to an education as application rather than mimicking facts.

5~ HONESTY is the principle of integrity as durability. Allowance for the change principle accepts the problem of no absolute truth.

6~ CHANGE is the principle that approves of growth that allows truth to expand honestly. "Bad" becomes dematerialized into the vow concept used in marriage, "for better or for worse," to accept the inevitable changes.

7~ SATISFACTION is the balance between criticism and approval.

8~ REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS is the principle of privacy in contrast to secrecy (which exacerbates depression with the need for denial.)

9~ Desire must be understood as degrees of desperation (desireeyah.) To cure desperation would mean there could be no abortion by choice. Regret would be understood as a by-product of choice (which is the second principle.) MOTIVATION can be innocent.

10~LOVE has no limits (if purely processed as the unattached principle.)
Can the reason to be be unconditional as pure expression of principles?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

more air

Why can't we be more
unconditionally fair,
just wanting to share
a breath of fresh air?

Lungs hug
my heart,
like wings
I can soar.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

lighten my soul

Gravity IS hell.
The Sun, as the center is the ultimate down,
where all material will eventually burn,
is the source of gravitys' influences.
The name of this star is Sol
and as the heart of THE SOLar system,
maintains circulation.
Why do spots interfere with reception and transmission?
Could it be an interruption in the rhythm that effects the beat?
The alchemical product of centering creates golden light.
Light is the comfort that something is up there.
It symbolizes awareness (and a where-ness.)

"Angels have wings because they take themselves lightly"
~ G.K.Chesterton

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

exaggerated reactions

The people I am most like will tell me I'm too much.
I like being a transmitter of insight forming spontaneously, but I am taking advantage of a creative contribution principle like improvisation. My aspect of uncontrollability takes others out of their individual states (of comfort.) My intensity was pointed out at an open studio Sunday morning when Georgette said, Too much, please leave now" I love (self-actualize) that willingness to be honest. Limiting our doses (of attention, sleep, food, attitude, etc.) balances our appetites.
Just before graduating from HIGH school, I told my friend's mom, when I returned her copy of Psycho-cybernetics, "maybe cancer causes smoking?" That medicine appeared in my lifestyle at certain transition points. As soon as I "get it together" it seems easy to give up toxic behaviors (and the medicines.) The mother of my children would never have dated me it I had been smoking.
When she was diagnosed with cancer, she hadn't been doing her art (therapy) for over a year. I live in the county that has more cases than anywhere else. The percentage of self-employed entrepreneurs is high (too.) Almost everyone I get close to loves to struggle with intensity. Open-attitude can also distract us from our balance. The striving to become (rich and whatever) distract us from what we are.
A month before THE diagnosis I had started Taichi in search of my center. Maintaining a healthy attitude might be our most changeable tool. It is attitude that changes our diet, habits, thinking, feelings, etc. Openness pushes extremes. The extreme disparity of cancer demands extreme relaxation that most must induce with marinol/(marijuana), wellbutrin, zoloft, prozac, morphene, etc. Training to become centered lasts only so long because of the equal/opposite reaction is not expected and prepared for. Taichi is the most restful because it is also a powerful martial art. The slower you move, the more exercise you get, and holding still (in form correction) will make me sweat.
The more I learn active listening, the more anxious I am to share what I hear, and I seem like I can't listen. Because I know it is natural for kids to blame themselves when parents die, and they were 10 and 12 at the time their mother passed-on, I have worked hard on never blaming or shaming for anything. No matter how neutral I try to teach responsibility, kids want to think they can find an easier way, their way (is) through experience (being encouraged.) Discouragement is blamed on me and projected as defense from exaggeration.
Waiting to "pick the battle" seems to pay off and build a kind of patience that shares understanding (limits will change.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shaving with . .


"All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one."
. . so . . the best solution tends to be the simplest one?

*The least words with the most meaningful impact.

Parsimony is the taking of extreme care at arriving at a course of action; or unusual or excessive frugality, extreme economy (or stinginess): to spare.

In the utilitarian approach to the philosophy of punishment, Jeremy Bentham's "parsimony principle" states that any punishment greater than is required to achieve its end is unjust.

The disregard for others may be the most punishing behavior.

Cultural reasoning behaviors of
the Caucasian race (believing in superiority)
created disparity under the banner of manifest destiny
to pretend unity of its’ own kind.

Reparations represent credit due to victims of weak reasoning.
Is there credit strength in forgiveness for yesterday's mistakes?


Monday, May 14, 2007

exceptional encouragement

Most criticism is misdirected encouragement if the best intention is considered.
This punitive system tends to make everything that isn't approval negative.
There is a restorative spirit that can welcome opportunities to improve in place of defensive reflexes.
We MUST constantly teach ourselves to build better characters by allowing exceptions.
Rules demand degrees of submission that give the excuse to beat ourselves (and others) because of difficulty stopping (and letting go.)
Values balance judgment as the substitute for rules.
Judgment balances the reflex to criticize and / or approve.
Restore values for the sake of qualities that support living exceptionally.
EXCEPTIONS were made before RULES or we wouldn't all feel so exceptional.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

(c)on tribute

I was involved in a discussion that explored feelings connected to donation, contribution, and exchange. Donating can have conditional intentions for tax-exemption or other redemption. The personal gain aspect is the con in contribution, but the more unconditional the better the tribute. When people feel uncomfortable for not enough thanks for their gift this is a symptom of a condition that can expedite therapy. When wanting creates anxiety I call it desireeah.
Generosity is recycling abundance. The healthy balance of being creative is sharing the opportunity to include others. We should invest any extra interest and watch appreciation grow.

The art of therapy is in the openness of expression.
Thoughts can keep people from being honest with themselves until emotional centers are accessed.
Spiritual intensity is in the giving (up.)
Religions rely on donations to support their existence.
Can penance contribute to freedom from guilt?

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Life depends on a Supportive Network (as an Operating System.)

We are equal in our need for support until individual applications are applied.

Attitude is a balance between negative / charge and positive / credit.

Quality of our bodies focus on desperation for fuel and comfort of re-creation (rest.)

Our contribution is how we fit in (to family, school, community, career, environment, etc.) Relating to the care we obtained in awareness becoming Response-ability.

Respect is a budget that must be balanced. Paying respect comes from an account of respectable attention invested.

Give and take is about projecting patience and taking advantage. The character of a child takes advantage of the patience of the care-giver.

The ballast point is intention (in-tension) to share or limit (to) self.

(Art) therapy comes from the spirit to serve your culture (operating system.)


Thursday, May 03, 2007

emotional enthusiasm

I talk with a kind of enthusiasm (and intensity) that puts people off. They want to tell me to listen better without considering the possible balance of equally intense abilities in that department. To project that we all need to listen better is an interesting value judgment that is ultimately self-imposed.

I have taken classes in active listening. Both my parents had Masters Degrees in Social Work implying that their attentive qualities were trained and exemplified. I take for granted that people want to increase their understanding.

Conflict resolution classes use a kind of role-playing exercise to extend understanding (sharing) abilities. I have been learning how we defend the limits of certain rules until we can enter the next stage of exceptional growth. Relationship renewal forces us to allow exceptions to previous rulings.

When I know I have reached the end of someone's understanding, I extend my efforts to share knowledge. To project definition relies on limits of intellectual access to emotional balance. Adult behavior has been defined as an equal exchange in conversation.

Children need parental guidance but the inequality of that relation can get uncomfortable. My enthusiasm is very child-like causing a reaction that makes observers feel like they need to teach me something. The adult ideal is to learn more comfortable exchanges. The way I express information as neutral as possible most people seem to think (project) I need (and like) instruction.

We can be told what to do much easier than being told how to feel. Emotional literacy about learning to reach intuitive decisions by bypassing the energy (and time) of reasoning. Ultimately all things should be acceptable under the umbrella of unconditional love (if the Creator is allowed to not make mistakes.) Negative (desperate) influences could release as humor.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm a classhole!

What if the source of equality is that we are all born with the need for care?
Quality of care-giving develops points of awareness that manifest as our first steps, our first words, potty- training, ability to share, etc.
These individual characters get combined into styles of behavior effectiveness.
What seems to make an attitude balanced is the factor of supportive intention.
Defensive reflexes can be symptoms of limited support (like teenage angst.)

Faith is built around a structure of rules to be considered reasonable (by experience.)
Exceptional faith (wisdom) goes beyond reason to validate intuition and other emotions.
Fear is emotional awareness of the potential of mistakes (to change awareness.)
Education entitles us to understand the work (observation) life offers us.

Teachers do a service with little hope for profit because the idea of freedom gives value to sharing knowledge.
The way the work-place over-powers parents shows in relation to blame and shame factors, ~ standards should not be expressed as threats ~
Information as a product for profit means withholding practice (and denying delivery) until payment.
Self-denial is a legacy of story-telling to make the most of appearances. This is how bullshitting can keep from being lying (spinning shadows of truth.)
Those who aren't desperate have taken liberties (from knowledge with wisdom.)
Indignation is the toxic-mimic of wisdom by limiting what CAN be understood.
We are all classholes of whatever stage we need to complete that course of analysis paralysis,
desperate to graduate.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

frog soup?

I was working on my plotter when I heard this fact on the radio, so I put it right on my gas cap. The shock everyone expresses shows how our memories fade from how cool our culture once was. Shouldn't the price of this next election prove this system will burn itself out? The more THEY boil US the harder it seems to act.


spreading awareness

I had so many reactions from putting it on my car that I made magnets for my friends.