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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

troops are defensive



war is obsolete

I was considering one of the justifications for this administration to send troops to Afghanistan and Iraq has been their treatment of women.

It seems ironic to me that the complaints of their treatment of women is exactly what is imposed on our troops;
Their individuality is suppressed by compliance to strict uniform requirements,
behavior is strictly scheduled for severely limited "free" time,
low rank is imposed to stress inferiority to strip the desire for self-determination,
inconsistencies in orders and punishment create victims of fear,
the imposition of belief systems curtail any desire to understand others,
tradition is more important than learning better ways

War is an obsolete tool of tyrants. The indulgences feed the lowest emotions. Ranks keeps participants enslaved. Governments keep everyone in positions of servitude.

Consider how war is used as a tool to confront everything from drugs to illiteracy. Has the war on drugs been successful enough to justify the pains taken?
Doesn't the two party system aggravate war tactics?
Didn't Bush wage war on McCain just to get the nomination from his shattered party?
Couldn't the costs be considered toxic enough to stop already?

Conflict resolution equals restorative justice so to support freedom there must be a department of peace in the cabinet! Could this be the tool for a future?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

contentment counseling

Happiness is an attachment to physical conditions that will always involve frustration.
"Things" make us happy!
There will always be disappointing expectations related to timing.

What if we learn life as a process of maintaining balance?
The recognition of balance allows for contentment.
I feel contentment as the emotional level of happiness as satisfaction.

Joy is the spirit.
I find enjoyment helpful to bring into my struggles.
Watching my son when he was wrestling, I saw physical pain, emotional frustration, and pure enjoyment.

I wrote this down to help others exercise consideration.
Could emotional education build the courage (spirit) to find a better focus than happiness?