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Friday, November 02, 2012

givng frm care-takers?

Money spent on campaigning indulges unrealistic values!
Is this what is keeping tax-paying from being a realistic support-system?
The "saved" taxes by corporate subsidies just funds the power of individual agents (campaigns) instead of recognizing patriotic integrity. This anti-business symptom should get these corruptors put in a "control group."
Could Congress (especially the lobbyists offices
) be turned into detention facilities? The Supreme Court? The White House? Wall Street? Banks that are "Too Big to FEEL"?
Detain those with obvious symptoms of abuse.
The confusion created by this method keeps us from realizing WHAT we all agree about ~ campaigning money should find better public good to be spent on! (like .com.unity awareness)
What is keeping three branches of government from working is that one branch of financing corrupts the relationship of give and take.

These manipulators show "No Confidence" in allowing a republic of respectful equality to return by the "de-values" of their anarchy which is responsible for our socialistic fears. Self-Confidence is A social value.


Blogger brad4d said...

If Education was a value that deserved a care-giving branch of economy, everyone would have a job! Encouraging people to be compliant to an evolutionary principle of awareness sharing was behind designing A More Perfect UNION which subsidized journalism as educational entitlements, too. Everyone's right to individuality is the paradox of today. . .

11/2/12, 11:11 AM  
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