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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Friday, August 29, 2008

forward values

Conceptual care is appreciation, "not doing to others what you would not have done to you," sounds like Golden Rule variation, but I call it The Original Edit.
Relativity Theory comes from, "For every action, observe equal and opposite reactions."
There is a paradox behavior of projected experience victimizing levels of awareness.
Thomas Paine, in Common Sense, referred to a Great Jewish Leader (from the Bible) who was offered power over the tribe, and warned what leadership implied as limiting favored roles.
Behavior is symptomatic, people who want harm (to others) are harm-full (reflexively), but supportive experience shows generosity is (the only) curative balance choice.
Like how Europe converted to Euros, a world credit for creativity, needs to allow those with symptoms of corruption to transfer their "manure money" into a "Not for Profit" Service Economy (garden.)
Understanding care giving is the ultimate waste management.

The Information Age is proving authority cycles deteriorate much faster than what trust (they) can contain.
The need to tell others "what to do" can evolve into suggestive support, especially when we understand the power of the best example.
This becomes the Response Ability Theory.
Relativity and "Responsibility", pay "Respect" for a creative education evolution based on three real Rs.
When you PAY attention, the choice is (naturally) better appreciation or something worse.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bail-out victims

Ever since the Bush Cabal used the Savings and Loan Bail-out as a way to compensate the victimizers, the balance of American economic support turned tragically parasitic.

The use of penalties to make a profit demonstrates how that value system has become challenging.
The deceptions of constant inconsistencies and "corrections" force us to pay much more than the attention (interest) provides.

Profit motive was important for the Industrial Revolution to develop products and boost productivity, but to withhold information and service for profit is stunting our social growth. The value of concepts can only be held in"Trust."
The Information Age will gain qualities from the supportive nature of The Service Era to mediate content responsibility.

The concept of security is a personal development of balancing contentment.
Feeling need is the challenge of awareness so denial grows depression.
The naturally supportive reflex is taught pathological adaptation (dis-ease.)

Assurance was the spirit of Social Security to inoculate Great Depression.
The corporate creation of insurance "products" to sell for profit is toxic mutation.
Conceptual "products" use instability to demand our attention (which encroaches freedoms.) Even money isn't free to maintain yesterday's value by percentages of manipulation.

Privileges don't seem so great if they aren't shared (with a sense of equality.)
Credit is in an individuals attention to experience (as education.)
Are we being taught to be victims?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

conceptual care

. . an ideal for an ideal,
and a truth for a truth!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

dream of green-coal

. . when I became lucid, the oil-level was being checked before kiln temper-stage made large pellets of specific designed power generator made to sell back to China to lower emissions destined for our California shores. The legal complications slipped past military base locations to balance agricultural economic development. The base in my dream was the closest to San Simeon (Fort Roberts). The next day Shelley told me W. R. Hearst made hemp illegal to manipulate profit he could make from forestry lands and mills selling newsprint to his interstate newspaper conglomerate.

Military property turns investment back
into Founding Father hemp energy plants,
growing Green-coal power plants,
allowing eco-logical agricultural balance
to support techno-logical developing freedoms.
Infrastructure entitlements echo-social
necessities shared as cultural bonding.

Contributions to individual candidates
consolidated are owed to supportive classes.
Services and information need values beyond
profit-driven production (which) hasn't proved
waste-management skills will be paid respect.
Compensation for mistakes!?
Taxing abuse, even by neglect!
Corporate advantage to cycles of support
corrections for traps that hurt integrity
of service quality healthy attitudes.
Personal power unifies to share potential.


Who wanted to be most responsible power?

Every administrative aide contributes
confessions of distrusting directives
to be of patriotic quality?

The treason by ignorance
seems evident by how unexpected
every result of every intention
seems irresponsible to every interest
with extremely changed values
(even from represented truth.)

What matters in how "They" act,
is observed obvious symptoms of victims
of thinking more "rights" are theirs.
But this is a punitive system fatigued
enough to consider restorative justice.

Savings and loan bail-out style paid
parasitic agents of destruction,
to project their failure onto victims
and the rest of their demographic
into mortgage and credit traps.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


The best support nature gives,
Awareness takes
advantage of unique
behavior to reveal
stories of creativity (trust)
to challenge nature.

Innovation discovers value able
work worthy to (self) support
waste management response abilities
balanced by paid attention (respect)
give or taken relative.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

outline ~ insight

The Power of Support is Natural Balance
Humans take advantage of nature just by thinking!
Thought produces contrast so Relativity Theory is the reactive paradox.

Formulas victimize the living process to explore boundaries of sense(less)ness.

Styles of Action expand the appreciation of individual contribution to the over-all sense of culture.

The importance of pieces in a unity
compares to the individual value of equality.
Sensing (the) experience implies
constant change share focal abilities.

The Natural way suggests (freedom) but,
(human) awareness demands (limits.)