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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

dream of green-coal

. . when I became lucid, the oil-level was being checked before kiln temper-stage made large pellets of specific designed power generator made to sell back to China to lower emissions destined for our California shores. The legal complications slipped past military base locations to balance agricultural economic development. The base in my dream was the closest to San Simeon (Fort Roberts). The next day Shelley told me W. R. Hearst made hemp illegal to manipulate profit he could make from forestry lands and mills selling newsprint to his interstate newspaper conglomerate.

Military property turns investment back
into Founding Father hemp energy plants,
growing Green-coal power plants,
allowing eco-logical agricultural balance
to support techno-logical developing freedoms.
Infrastructure entitlements echo-social
necessities shared as cultural bonding.

Contributions to individual candidates
consolidated are owed to supportive classes.
Services and information need values beyond
profit-driven production (which) hasn't proved
waste-management skills will be paid respect.
Compensation for mistakes!?
Taxing abuse, even by neglect!
Corporate advantage to cycles of support
corrections for traps that hurt integrity
of service quality healthy attitudes.
Personal power unifies to share potential.



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