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Friday, August 29, 2008

forward values

Conceptual care is appreciation, "not doing to others what you would not have done to you," sounds like Golden Rule variation, but I call it The Original Edit.
Relativity Theory comes from, "For every action, observe equal and opposite reactions."
There is a paradox behavior of projected experience victimizing levels of awareness.
Thomas Paine, in Common Sense, referred to a Great Jewish Leader (from the Bible) who was offered power over the tribe, and warned what leadership implied as limiting favored roles.
Behavior is symptomatic, people who want harm (to others) are harm-full (reflexively), but supportive experience shows generosity is (the only) curative balance choice.
Like how Europe converted to Euros, a world credit for creativity, needs to allow those with symptoms of corruption to transfer their "manure money" into a "Not for Profit" Service Economy (garden.)
Understanding care giving is the ultimate waste management.

The Information Age is proving authority cycles deteriorate much faster than what trust (they) can contain.
The need to tell others "what to do" can evolve into suggestive support, especially when we understand the power of the best example.
This becomes the Response Ability Theory.
Relativity and "Responsibility", pay "Respect" for a creative education evolution based on three real Rs.
When you PAY attention, the choice is (naturally) better appreciation or something worse.



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