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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bail-out victims

Ever since the Bush Cabal used the Savings and Loan Bail-out as a way to compensate the victimizers, the balance of American economic support turned tragically parasitic.

The use of penalties to make a profit demonstrates how that value system has become challenging.
The deceptions of constant inconsistencies and "corrections" force us to pay much more than the attention (interest) provides.

Profit motive was important for the Industrial Revolution to develop products and boost productivity, but to withhold information and service for profit is stunting our social growth. The value of concepts can only be held in"Trust."
The Information Age will gain qualities from the supportive nature of The Service Era to mediate content responsibility.

The concept of security is a personal development of balancing contentment.
Feeling need is the challenge of awareness so denial grows depression.
The naturally supportive reflex is taught pathological adaptation (dis-ease.)

Assurance was the spirit of Social Security to inoculate Great Depression.
The corporate creation of insurance "products" to sell for profit is toxic mutation.
Conceptual "products" use instability to demand our attention (which encroaches freedoms.) Even money isn't free to maintain yesterday's value by percentages of manipulation.

Privileges don't seem so great if they aren't shared (with a sense of equality.)
Credit is in an individuals attention to experience (as education.)
Are we being taught to be victims?


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