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Thursday, January 31, 2008

answering is not . .

as important as questioning.
Do I ask others to wake up and appreciate more of living?
What tribute shares the most awareness?

Appreciation doesn't have to be approval.
Complaint is the negation of willingness to respect answers
from that motivation to question.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

sing your part

The last poetic post was so revelatory it opened the concept that each star is a reflection of a soul living self-system, different heart ethers fueling vibrational orbits that settle materials into environmental experiments to harmonize variations of UNI~Versal principle scales.

heart & soul

The SOL-ar system
centers, (of planetary
influences over)
the hell of fire
emitting the (gold)
light of heaven,
to see clearly?
mind your thinking!
(intelligent reflection
of heart autonomy)


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

to find acceptence . .

I need to approve of more,
especially when I can't agree.
Forgiving my own
disagreeable nature
neutralizes conflicted denials,
allowing the chance(s
I'll never forget . .


Monday, January 28, 2008

so ~ what if . .

~ enlightenment is the punchline
so ~ the set-up determines
the intensity of the laugh,
so ~ once you get the joke,
you can offer (use) the punchline
to reveal (see) if someone else has
had a good set-up!?


Sunday, January 27, 2008

to live,

all you got to do is
Everything else is
the autonomic nervous system.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

suspect desperation

The cause of crime is desperation.
Remember when the desperate Savings & Loan Companies were bailed out?
Could Hilary bail-out all debt mistakes?
Barrack needs to be her VP so no one would assassinate her!
The whole reason for a Highest Power is forgiveness!
Isn't that why believing in God relieves mistake-making?

Regrets are the by-product of choice so Creators of credit are responsible for debt (and other identity theft.)
Power to admit responsibility forgives victims, on what trusted level?
Doesn't the administration steal forgiveness if victims pay for obvious faults imposed by policy deficiency?
Couldn't the way most faults are treated be a crime in punitive systems?
Rule of law might be ready to progress beyond victims if too costly.
Restorative justice should be the forgiveness education experiment!

Forgive yourself ~ Ignorance is the environment we are all born into.
Appreciation is the care of paying attention to awareness relationships.
Response-ability creates energy of life to animate bodies of action.
Respect is circumspect introspection (ego health.)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


new tradition paradox

Tradition needs past experience to build upon.
To use the word conservative is a symptom of need.
Hunger is a natural appetite sustaining experience.
Contentment balances feelings with thinking corrections.
Emerging properties allow conceptual qualities to obtain values.
Profit makes capital feed industrious production of product
so to attach profit to service or information withholds details
generosity produces contributive appreciation credit.

Any use of credit is anti-conservatism when materialistic.
The liberating act of American founding fathers was to change a country from being property of a monarch so that individuals could actually own land. This property attachment (manifest destiny) helped the Industrial Revolution produce a quality of infrastructure that can accommodate evolutionary property change into conceptual forms like copyrights, patents, stories, insurance policies, stocks, bonds, etc.
The conceptual values are the gift and therefore responsibility of human awareness.
Appreciation is credit for concepts that behave by degrees of trust.
Creative support is a spiritual motivation by donation generation.
Freedom to contribute is a restorative insight value.
Is it (freedo~nating) exercised equally by conservatives and liberals?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

wrestling dance

The care-giving reward is family
e~motion evolving values develop
quality generosity extends intentions
by behavior edit experience
as listener observes understanding.
My son and daughter exhibit
wonderful balancing act between
self expression standards
using performance therapy
to exhibit spectrum from graceful
to conflict confrontation control.
Extending experience focal points
for test circuit innovation credit
making preparation depending
on known application
to sharing appreciation
as experimentation freedoms!
Combining amplifies harmony
forms concealed within
conceptual capital gain
when illusion awareness
illuminates friction factors
to mediate less action wasted
cost to healthy management.
Appreciation positively acknowledges
roles contributed personally extended
to cooperation of comment exchange.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


My gut feeling is that
consumerism is
junk food.


the point of TRUST

Everyone asks, "What's your point?"
They project that I think too much
because I express poetically
feelings beyond comprehension
revealing the meditative edge
to contemplation as appreciation.
If unconditional love offers
being free from judgment
any point is indentured.
The point represents stability
like conserving water by freezing it.
Conceptual growth is a flexibility factor
that exercises a trust of truth-building.
Simple truth is the point of compliance
to unify individual departments of
a cooperative balance quality.
Service is the connection
that points away from self control.

Consideration binds us to concepts
by degrees of repetition which
implies reflexive attachment.
So the need for a point implies
symptomatic regression from trusting
future emerging property potentials.

The Trust is an investment vehicle
which I am using to illustrate a point
of property transformation from land
into intellectual values of patents, copyrights,
stocks and other concepts that can abuse profits.
Contribution is the act of extending the point
of maturity concepts of closure
because cashing out or out-sourcing
betrays the spirit of eternal growth-stage evolution.

Resources reach a point when they run out.
People who want me to come to a point
think they can harvest liberating concepts
which is most easily demonstrated by selling
products from materials (and varying traditional) recipes.

Insurance is the point that service can be withheld for a profit.
Sympathy has been limited to financial values
using fear to amplify dis-ease pathology
to distract our investment in Trust accessibility.
Couldn't the new form of government be a Trust-builder?
Social security could have been a seed (point) planted
in the first two paragraphs of Common Sense
by revolutionary peace proposition production values
that share a new frontier of conceptual consciousness.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

pointless enjoyment

The service of pointless joy is today's conceptual production.
Needing a point is the frustration of wanting closure.
My openness threatens understanding as unnecessary.
The profit motive steals the contentment of sharing
life as ad~venture, capital ideas.
Not knowing is the revealing awareness as new forms
for expression is the healing revolution.
Investing in art is Trust building as conceptual values
fuel the Information Age more subtly than
profit supporting production (of products)
developed qualities of service.

Friday, January 11, 2008

social business concept

So how can I express faith in emotional expression
than how much we all have to pay (attention)
to the developing popularity of sentiment,
manifesting great change in implication.
Social security has been sold for profit
as the model used by speculative insurance
trends yielding profit beyond balanced support
from over-looking environmental factors.
Donated percentages relieve anxiety
factored into denial reflex consequence
manifesting economically challenged
production motivation as depravity.
Reversed taking advantage of
healthier care-giving attitude
for therapeutic provision
to resource distribution
of creating cultural inclusion.
Expectations realize trustworthiness
by allowing profit conversion
to service credit forgiveness.

Monday, January 07, 2008

neutral partisan?

Travis-T HIP is a flash-back San Francisco radio commentator Now on KPIG at 7, 8, and 9am to an aging hipster demographic. The sense he believes is rumbling in the Republican camp is how much Americans hate this partisanship so offer them a McCain ~ Liberman ticket. The Democratic response he suggests is Edwards ~ Ron Paul. (balancing concepts)
Why is Obama optimism hard to maintain? Does the haunting image of Robert Kennedy superimpose for you too? I saw Kennedy at Cal State U @ Northridge two days before he was shot.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

why dumb?

Confirming or conforming
your freedom?


interesting appearance

Many times our behaviors
are agreeing even
when words don't
project better intentions.


reform campaigns

This campaign is about itself as a victimizer. Campaign reform is like the giant wart that can't even be mentioned. The last candidate to attach his name to the issue was attacked by his own supposed supporters. The betrayal seems to have gone so deep that the issue does not appear on any list of concerns of either polarized group struggle.

The personal approach to donating makes simple critique of style seem like complaint. Most of the money towards election performance seems to be thrown away by the losers, so the contributors will mostly suffer loss.

The most appreciated action would be the demonstration of cooperation as reform especially when it is obvious how the embattled political environment seems toxic to the participants. To expect better performance from those who focus on what is worse about each other is ludicrous. Values that prove government is different would be task-designing to include all those willing to contribute a difference. The personal costs are manifesting as a tapeworm-economy that undermines collective credit for profit-makers.

Corporations could just cut out the government if it is just a middle-man. More money would go the the development of their innovations if social-structure had agreeable values through the exponential education this information age will allow. Service is the frontier satisfying behavior when we finally realize that making others comfortable is the healthiest cure for dis-ease.

What if money was donated to issues that could be directed to projects as a demonstration of management? Government could be the service revolution that contributes balance to personal and social needs. This consideration is in the first two paragraphs of Common Sense by Thomas Paine.