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Thursday, January 03, 2008

reform campaigns

This campaign is about itself as a victimizer. Campaign reform is like the giant wart that can't even be mentioned. The last candidate to attach his name to the issue was attacked by his own supposed supporters. The betrayal seems to have gone so deep that the issue does not appear on any list of concerns of either polarized group struggle.

The personal approach to donating makes simple critique of style seem like complaint. Most of the money towards election performance seems to be thrown away by the losers, so the contributors will mostly suffer loss.

The most appreciated action would be the demonstration of cooperation as reform especially when it is obvious how the embattled political environment seems toxic to the participants. To expect better performance from those who focus on what is worse about each other is ludicrous. Values that prove government is different would be task-designing to include all those willing to contribute a difference. The personal costs are manifesting as a tapeworm-economy that undermines collective credit for profit-makers.

Corporations could just cut out the government if it is just a middle-man. More money would go the the development of their innovations if social-structure had agreeable values through the exponential education this information age will allow. Service is the frontier satisfying behavior when we finally realize that making others comfortable is the healthiest cure for dis-ease.

What if money was donated to issues that could be directed to projects as a demonstration of management? Government could be the service revolution that contributes balance to personal and social needs. This consideration is in the first two paragraphs of Common Sense by Thomas Paine.


Blogger jim said...

I am taking a copy of this treatise and will read it later, looks very promising. You are a prolific reader, I love your blog list, lol, out-a-sight!

1/16/08, 11:38 PM  

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