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Friday, July 29, 2011

Military PARADOX

I have no desire to own a gun but I have respect for the right (to own one.)

Personal gun ownership meant that raising taxes for military maintenance was minimal. Conservative posturing is ONLY defensive. That makes Presidents Carter and Clinton the most conservative since President Eisenhower. Aggressive military action makes a liberal gamble toward empire.
The NeoCON administration was the most liberal ever! AND the fourteen trillion dollar debt (mainly by military spending deficit) cannot make the future responsible for what WAS DONE TO them. If weapons didn't make some (phony conservatives) aggressive, an individuals defense would become acceptable socialism (because it isn't financial skimming like insurance has become.)

Because it is a "pooling" of weapons for the common good, there is nothing more socialistic (as commonly understood*) than an army, (*mostly because of the hierarchy of authority.) The tax percentage invested in our military makes us the most socialistic country imaginable.
Insurance is a pooling of money for the "common good" which was how we were tricked into a socialism that gambles with disaster. Only the wealthy (obsessive compulsive hoarders) had insurance before WWII. Prosperity from the ASSURANCE policy, called Social Security (for a good reason,) made US think we could ALL play that game.
Does anyone (really) CHOOSE to not have insurance? You can choose the caveman, the gekko, the stack of bills w/ google eyes, etc. but they are all GEICO, making Warren Buffet super wealthy! Social Security is your right to bare arms in that it is defensive. Republics ARE entitlements (to participate.) Those who would remove entitlements are socialists. What kind of entitlements do you find in the military?

We believe the military projects our freedom but how free are individuals in military service? Ask Bradley Manning about his freedom of speech.
Just by growing the military population weakens the reach of constitutional protection. (not to mention prison growth!)
Military is a "wrong tool" paradox in that we are driving in nails we should be pulling out.
Why not a Department of Peace in The Cabinet?
The right to bare arms is one of those exceptional thoughts, because exceptions were made before rules or we couldn't all be made so exceptional, and rules of military service limit the freedoms of individuality.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Military Precedent

What if no man can become the monster
the job of President has become?
If they continue with their trajectory...
their heads will be coming out their mouths soon...
With their heads where they've been...
everything is ass-backwards...

Why doesn't the military voluntarily rise to
the challenge of saving this country?. .
by sacrificing their budget? ! ! !
Isn't sacrifice what they ask of our families?
Time to show if understanding sacrifice necessities
are courageous enough to be admitted...
volunteering what has been misappropriated?
How do we scream that they are suffocating US? ! !

More war spending than care management*
would lead any extra-terrestrial observer
to consider us uncivilized, reflexively,
like western culture projected on indigenous cultures.
Why can't we respond like careful sharing is deserved?
*And what passes for care management?!
What percentage of national care justifies
entitlement to veterans and to what standards?
What if patriotism is peace-making?

Friday, July 01, 2011

Liberal wealth?

Fear turns the (natural) urge for health into (pathological) desire for wealth, which turns men into misers, and they create MISERy to spare and share.

Fear makes people aggressive in liberal ways because conservative is ONLY defesnsive, that means only buying what you can afford (project realism.)
Would conservatives make non-existent future partners responsible for fourteen trillion dollars?
The Neocons are the most liberal administration ever, and President Clinton is the most conservative since President Eisenhower..?
BEaWARE of paradoxymorons out there!

Wealth turns conservatives liberal because of the risk factors. What turns defensive reflexes into responsible risk is a conservative understanding, but to reach beyond the understandable is a liberal irrational hunch which brings in the gambling symptom. Anything that gambles is liberal, so the insurance industries, credit card companies and banking in general creates liberal jobs and behaviors. To detract from becoming aware of that is the pleasure of imagining gain beyond what is needed to defend the status quo.

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