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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Re: G. Wes Clark

The whole system is divided with consequences. Change the approach by getting Barak and Hilary to demonstrate a job-sharing attitude! Prove there can be partnership. At the next debate just flip a coin and demonstrate conflict resolution. I have a mediator certificate and believe it is the next social work. Legal punitive behavior is the parasite of maintaining dis-ease! Agreement must be demonstrated as individual rights sharing time & space with appreciation. Democracy needs to represent cooperation to cure this imperialist individual power struggle.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

patience for others

How much we trust ourselves?
symptom of how we push (others)?
Isn't trust the reach beyond understanding?
If we knew, (where) could awareness grow (/go)?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My style of blogging is not to attract relationships.
I don't need to feel normal or merge this with living.
I dump the ideas that offer themselves to me, and to be beyond comprehension is wonder full.
I am so glad I found Toastmasters because this space is like impromptu table topics. As I make living more meditative, I can observe my thinking wrestling with conceptual obstacles. This blog separates judgmental thinking from the spontaneity of creative adaptation necessary to raise teenagers in this confusing transition period.
Complaining is the weed that smothers the appreciation of domestication. To not complain is so unusual and unrelate-able that it automatically weeds the smotherers of ideas (by their choice.)
I am gratified that the rarity of the concepts that bombard my intellect have a history of improving the human condition so fast that it can't help but leave many wondering (a little more, like me.)

Monday, March 24, 2008


The entitlement of education came with the gift of choice.
Awareness compares what is revealed (research) to reflexive repetition (tradition.)
Appreciation recognizes advantages (of both) but only exists as a sharing power.
Generation generosity projects the required elements of care distribution.

Taken for granted is the supply entitlement of where we came from.
"Please" is the word key to demand service.
To please ourselves we try to please our family, our community requirements, our spiritual sources.

From the spectrum of relativity came Einstein's simple equation that was inspired by Newton's third law of motion that for every action there is an equal reaction which rationalizes the Golden Rule which encourages editting behavior by not doing to others that which we would not wish done to us.

The pleasure of freedom / choice is a quality of response that senses accept ability.
By definition, denial is unacceptable, so this is the human limit of learning diversity.

What isn't given is the understanding of creative freedom.
For this we pay attention and respect to be given in appreciation.

My response ability theory is that choosing appreciation keeps finding better power sources than the latest understanding. There is conceptual quality in the limits of sensing freedom, but ultimately everyone wants to think this (freedom) is the best sense.

Why would others question a freedom (value) to write like this?
Couldn't it free rationality to poetic complexity?
"Free your mind and come to your senses." ~Fritz Perls

Friday, March 21, 2008

unity of separatists

As thinking and the brain become compared to computing . . .
. . . behavior can be control (power) preferenced . . .
. . . with symptomatic sensitivity . . . allowing honesty health!

If humans can influence the planet to change it's nature . . .
shouldn't we develop a behavior formula . .
that recognizes symptoms . .
of unity or separatism. (defining behavior judges itself . .

Comm)unity as a social pool (at present an ocean)
being mediated by insurance health and credit misunderstandings . .
has computer access to diversity issue exposing influence . .
values of knowledge becoming educational advancements . .
encourage freedom to allow entitlement sharing of inheritance . .
awareness sharing has to deny separatist values reflexively.

Editing "denial" has double negative reflection projection.
To devalue the state of the environment resigns response ability.

Honest observation combines individual points of view . .
sharing self-actualization restores abilities to respond over reflexive . .
defense resolves value to change approach to penalty . .
to mediate restorative justice by . .
accepting symptomatic sensitivity.

"Equal individual" is the paradox of creating unity of separatists.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Responsibility Theory

In The Declaration of Independence there is a directive to be responsible for evolving the human entitlement to choose the best knowledge as understood.

Artists have been most privileged to sense trends before understood in conventional terms. Response ability is ultimately cultural behavior in the interest of inclusive coherence. Freedom of choice is what makes life an art. The value of freedom is in the sharing, so any advantage taken affects freedom of all. Government needs advantage to be as balanced as possible by constant change.

Paradox is most artfully expressed as constant change. Human being is half verb. Human as a noun appears to be the constant and being causes change.

Natural metamorphosis can wipe out all evidence of human influence fast enough to deserve credit. Human awareness changes natural process into pathology. Meditation is a responsible component of healthy reflection to thought development trends.

Restorative justice is the natural antidote to how this punitive system is costing too much in defenses. Defense will always be questionable so any answer needs to be destroyed as soon as possible to restore the search for living better.

Every choice has a regrettable loss for how much advantage seems to be gained. Self expression is a sense others need to exist and be allowed for generously. If everything you have is due to life, how appreciation manifests is the best response. Care giving indicates style of respect.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


To expose my process of awareness seems like explaining to explainers and if it is beyond thinking depends on the instrument receiving the signal.


respect power?

I am responding to problems seen more by those who claim less response ability (of a restorative style.)
Quality is sacrificed in punishment by denial. This style denies that connection goes beyond choice. To pretend victims choose to be unacceptable is numbing. Sensitivity implies change, to feel different. Ironically, teaching sameness is how this dis-ease responds.
If we all share it, doesn't diversity go away?
Seeing powerlessness is necessary to exercise power.
The most natural part of the body doesn't need to choose to respond (autonomic ally.)
The only way to not be an ally is to be judged so.
Judging is the primary human power to choose.
Can we share that power with nature?
Respect natural response?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

lite bulb, ideal sharing

I simply said, "I could use help turning out lights."

"You leave more lights on than us!"

This rejection of help is the primary pathology of defensive denial.
Blaming is how people give away their ability to respond naturally.
Pure rational logic would hear a statement of needing help but personal power-less-ness uses emotion to distort the truth of the request (barely implied, in fact.)
The social symptom of "complaint" shows how we project the health of OUR attitude on others.
Since my kids believe my fact is a complaint they reveal how they distort reality.
To admit I turn off more lights will take a kind of respect yet to develop with self-acceptance.
I accept that I AM bad enough at lights to need help and admit the need without calling on credit only I am aware of actually appreciating (as care-giving.)

Saturday, March 08, 2008

assurance credit

The way I resist explaining
gives too much credit for a creative challenge.
For assurance projection I offer
mediation as a restorative alternative.
It is in this punitive system that the profit motive
takes advantage of transitional values.
Family values are short-changed for job-market
down-sizing exercises.

The relativity theory was the new age of information
sharing as a balance of departments that teach
the experience of trusting concepts
to maintain interactively evolving vehicles.

Responsibility theory is the frontier
of The Service Era Extravaganza.
There is an emotional balance of
chemicals that modify our behavior style,
as healthy attitude indictors.

So enjoy these opportunities
to contribute encouraging examples
as the stories of our traditions
that transition the generation
definition recognition restructuring.
Allows a deja-vu intuitive faith / hope
to develop community get-togethers.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


The only day of the year that tells us what to do. Spring ahead is just down the week and I hear it is a permanent correction! No more figuring one thing out, meanwhile back on the battlefield . .

tell IT like is . !

I was reminded of a human characteristic Sunday morning when I mentioned the word god.
"You would prefer, I could refer to a moving spirit like a verb, rather than a noun-like being for God."

He appreciated my sensitivity as a recognition of more free-form living. We extended this conversation more into the difference between process people and those who need a sense of authority (to be more responsible than . .whateva!)
"Human being is half verb!" allows for a paradox of defining our point (of duration and location) in relation to all humans.
. . to make the image of (A) GOD concrete, into some form of a noun, may be symptomatic self-image bias.
There is something much more judgmentally restrictive to defining, as a noun, than allowing for the process of verbage, like word ad-lib, less pre-thought victimization.
The reliance on stability grows rationality better, than emotional value building, when fluidity means risk charges.

Sympathy is the lubricant for rules of thought, encouraging partnerships creates the authority dynamic, when one becomes (anyway) dominant, so balance behavior is like body-language reflexive discovery of honest reflection allowing more understanding to share, simply by experience.

no/ One said "easy?"

Sunday, March 02, 2008

a muse thing?

My friends were surprised when I said I was going to Borders and because they got there first, I went to the coffee counter and got engaged in a conversation with Galilee, her brain talk was irresistible, the passion of our consciousness intercourse was a little disturbing in public, but I got to talk about the mediation frontier. I saw her as a performer that needs attention to focus her song-writing assurance. I hope I came across as someone who indulges in learning rather than physical relationships. She didn't act ageist at all, allowing me to feel quite youthful. My friends didn't realize how much I felt she appreciated my attention, since they think I need a muse. My best therapy is to consult with others about what they consider therapeutic.