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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

tell IT like is . !

I was reminded of a human characteristic Sunday morning when I mentioned the word god.
"You would prefer, I could refer to a moving spirit like a verb, rather than a noun-like being for God."

He appreciated my sensitivity as a recognition of more free-form living. We extended this conversation more into the difference between process people and those who need a sense of authority (to be more responsible than . .whateva!)
"Human being is half verb!" allows for a paradox of defining our point (of duration and location) in relation to all humans.
. . to make the image of (A) GOD concrete, into some form of a noun, may be symptomatic self-image bias.
There is something much more judgmentally restrictive to defining, as a noun, than allowing for the process of verbage, like word ad-lib, less pre-thought victimization.
The reliance on stability grows rationality better, than emotional value building, when fluidity means risk charges.

Sympathy is the lubricant for rules of thought, encouraging partnerships creates the authority dynamic, when one becomes (anyway) dominant, so balance behavior is like body-language reflexive discovery of honest reflection allowing more understanding to share, simply by experience.

no/ One said "easy?"


Blogger jim said...

I like God better as a verb, always moving, living, full of pep and dynamic, I think you covered it well, lol, call him whateva, but there he is and there he goes.

People get into putting themselves and others in prisons, welcome to the world, lol. Let me just get a hold on that god thing, get him where I want him, lol, yep, he's mine, lol, I got him, over here! Hurry, he's trying to get away, shut that door, lol!

Ain't easy, this moving Spirit, but in Time, one learns!

3/5/08, 12:07 AM  
Blogger BBC said...

When I hear the word God, I think of mankind because I think that God is nothing more than a spirituality and that mankind is that God in evolution.

But there are a lot of stupid religions standing in the way of that progress of evolution.

3/5/08, 6:01 AM  
Blogger Roberta S said...

How intriguing to think of God as a verb. I love the concept. To rid ourselves of all the oft times malicious debate about doctrine, rites, specifics...with God as a verb - what's to debate?

Your comment made me think of the story of creation and it seemed so right that such a moving force should be a verb. I'm quite excited to move my thinking from a noun to a verb.
Great post, brad4d!

3/6/08, 9:55 PM  

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