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Sunday, March 02, 2008

a muse thing?

My friends were surprised when I said I was going to Borders and because they got there first, I went to the coffee counter and got engaged in a conversation with Galilee, her brain talk was irresistible, the passion of our consciousness intercourse was a little disturbing in public, but I got to talk about the mediation frontier. I saw her as a performer that needs attention to focus her song-writing assurance. I hope I came across as someone who indulges in learning rather than physical relationships. She didn't act ageist at all, allowing me to feel quite youthful. My friends didn't realize how much I felt she appreciated my attention, since they think I need a muse. My best therapy is to consult with others about what they consider therapeutic.


Blogger Roberta S said...

You make me laugh, brad4d. Those are exciting and animated conversations that so often bystanders totally fail to understand.

3/4/08, 9:43 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

a cute observance,
A-HA-bless you!

3/4/08, 12:08 PM  
Blogger jim said...

I got into a passionate discussion about God and Spirit, in a restraunt, it got pretty good, a group of Episcopaians heard us and crashed the table, threatened to beat me up, lol, I did Jesus on them and they ran, lol, very strange doing this stuff in a public room.

Younger people love to be taught on the sly, on the fly, on the run, they appreciate not being physically related to, they are hungry for intelligent recognition, so is my experience of them. Now the olders who are scared of change, that is another story. I love the young, keeps me young. I don't mean physically either.

3/5/08, 12:15 AM  

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