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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My style of blogging is not to attract relationships.
I don't need to feel normal or merge this with living.
I dump the ideas that offer themselves to me, and to be beyond comprehension is wonder full.
I am so glad I found Toastmasters because this space is like impromptu table topics. As I make living more meditative, I can observe my thinking wrestling with conceptual obstacles. This blog separates judgmental thinking from the spontaneity of creative adaptation necessary to raise teenagers in this confusing transition period.
Complaining is the weed that smothers the appreciation of domestication. To not complain is so unusual and unrelate-able that it automatically weeds the smotherers of ideas (by their choice.)
I am gratified that the rarity of the concepts that bombard my intellect have a history of improving the human condition so fast that it can't help but leave many wondering (a little more, like me.)


Blogger Vincent said...

Nice one, b4d. Do you know Charles in person? He seems to be from same town.

3/27/08, 12:44 AM  
Blogger jim said...

My two youngest surrogate sons, one is just at the end of being teenager, the others are past, these two came to see me yesterday, they have had it rough, lots to complain about, lots of disadvantages to try and cope with.

I have six others that I handled as teens, all thru their teens, so I understand the realities of that period, I learn a lot about myself thru these raisings and dealings. Now I am at the phase where I deal with them as full adults, the oldest is 35, and I am able to see the differences and make some judgements and comparisons abstractly, many of these are unconscious, but I feel them working themselves into words and understandings, usually I have to be patient and wait it out to get the gist of the issues involved, this seems never ending.

I have had all kinds, full and complete rebellion, middle ground, passive and docile, violent and angry, it was always a chore no matter the style. The most important thing I had to do and remember, was that each was not the other, even young, each had his own needs and ways in everything.

I don't agree much today with some of them on many issues, but why they didn't learn my way, I don't know, I certainly gave them MY guidance, lol.

Ah well, makes the world go round, lol.

3/27/08, 12:55 AM  
Blogger BBC said...

Toastmasters is interesting, I spoke to them once. A very interesting speaking course I took was a Dale Carnage course.

3/27/08, 5:24 AM  

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