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Thursday, March 13, 2008

respect power?

I am responding to problems seen more by those who claim less response ability (of a restorative style.)
Quality is sacrificed in punishment by denial. This style denies that connection goes beyond choice. To pretend victims choose to be unacceptable is numbing. Sensitivity implies change, to feel different. Ironically, teaching sameness is how this dis-ease responds.
If we all share it, doesn't diversity go away?
Seeing powerlessness is necessary to exercise power.
The most natural part of the body doesn't need to choose to respond (autonomic ally.)
The only way to not be an ally is to be judged so.
Judging is the primary human power to choose.
Can we share that power with nature?
Respect natural response?


Blogger jim said...

People do fall thru cracks, and today, there are a great many cracks, cracks in the floor that go deep into the foundation, cracks in the facade that is letting in the light, hope for less cracks and more light.

People have to be what they are, they do not choose that, that is given to them, it is up to society to fit them in or make the place for them, not to consider them unacceptable.

You have to know something to practise it, functions know themselves, contexts are functions, nature is our functioning selves dressed in time.

In time, our clothes will be changed, functional reality will do that, nature will respond with respect.

3/13/08, 11:10 PM  

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