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Monday, March 24, 2008


The entitlement of education came with the gift of choice.
Awareness compares what is revealed (research) to reflexive repetition (tradition.)
Appreciation recognizes advantages (of both) but only exists as a sharing power.
Generation generosity projects the required elements of care distribution.

Taken for granted is the supply entitlement of where we came from.
"Please" is the word key to demand service.
To please ourselves we try to please our family, our community requirements, our spiritual sources.

From the spectrum of relativity came Einstein's simple equation that was inspired by Newton's third law of motion that for every action there is an equal reaction which rationalizes the Golden Rule which encourages editting behavior by not doing to others that which we would not wish done to us.

The pleasure of freedom / choice is a quality of response that senses accept ability.
By definition, denial is unacceptable, so this is the human limit of learning diversity.

What isn't given is the understanding of creative freedom.
For this we pay attention and respect to be given in appreciation.

My response ability theory is that choosing appreciation keeps finding better power sources than the latest understanding. There is conceptual quality in the limits of sensing freedom, but ultimately everyone wants to think this (freedom) is the best sense.

Why would others question a freedom (value) to write like this?
Couldn't it free rationality to poetic complexity?
"Free your mind and come to your senses." ~Fritz Perls


Blogger BBC said...

Huh? Do you actually talk to other human beings?

3/24/08, 6:39 PM  
Blogger brad4d said...

This example of appreciation is different than how you use your blog to rant & joke but yes, people tell me I'm a joy to be with because of my insightful nature, I care how what I say effects their feelings.

3/25/08, 7:17 AM  
Blogger Roberta S said...

brad4d, as usual, I am stirred (effected) by your wisdom. Never could quite put my finger on what 'freedom' was. The best definition yet is what I see here -- the idea of being able to live and believe in what makes "sense' to me. That would be 'commonsense', not 'academia'.

3/25/08, 7:39 AM  
Blogger jim said...

Bradford, I would say that this thinking freedom is, as you point out, limited to the senses by that line of thought and appreciation.

The idea that the average person must be only able to appreciate that, that idea is not right, but its' propagation by the power of the current strain defeats anyfurther developement in or for these averages.

Once it was thought that a person had to be over 40 in order to actually appreciate conception in the mental realm and use it as a stepping stone to appreciate beyond the physical senses.

Well, duh, why may very well be that if you take the space (of the child early) and make of it only the physical, potential is lost and buried, maybe forever. But if you started out conceptual without details being forced, the space would evolve already more expanded.

Maybe that makes some sense?

More sense? Maybe even some new sense that we 'normally' ignore? Lol, great posts Bradford.

3/27/08, 1:25 AM  

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