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Friday, March 21, 2008

unity of separatists

As thinking and the brain become compared to computing . . .
. . . behavior can be control (power) preferenced . . .
. . . with symptomatic sensitivity . . . allowing honesty health!

If humans can influence the planet to change it's nature . . .
shouldn't we develop a behavior formula . .
that recognizes symptoms . .
of unity or separatism. (defining behavior judges itself . .

Comm)unity as a social pool (at present an ocean)
being mediated by insurance health and credit misunderstandings . .
has computer access to diversity issue exposing influence . .
values of knowledge becoming educational advancements . .
encourage freedom to allow entitlement sharing of inheritance . .
awareness sharing has to deny separatist values reflexively.

Editing "denial" has double negative reflection projection.
To devalue the state of the environment resigns response ability.

Honest observation combines individual points of view . .
sharing self-actualization restores abilities to respond over reflexive . .
defense resolves value to change approach to penalty . .
to mediate restorative justice by . .
accepting symptomatic sensitivity.

"Equal individual" is the paradox of creating unity of separatists.


Blogger jim said...

Bradford, consider, (some of this is prompted by the later posts you made), God is trust, image of God we are made, now, we, in the image of ourselves, make computers et al, and build it to learn of ourselves and our thought processes, our consciousness thereby becomes enlightened.

So God did like wise, or is doing so, this behind intell that we have, wisdom, understanding, silent and seemingly inaccessible as the apparently are, this uncon or supercon intell is actually learning about itself, us, and we serve that with the computer making.

Applied to our circumstances, we see that our environs are determined by our state in that growth, at any given time, thus our separation from each other and from our environ is also a state of that growth.

Honesty comes about thru knowing, someone has to know to be honest. Somehow, honesty and trust are hand in hand, I can trust an honest man. Going beyond the usual knowing enables greater honesty, that then enables freedom and peace in reality.

Great things to think about, be back soon, thanks Bradford.

3/27/08, 1:41 AM  

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