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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Responsibility Theory

In The Declaration of Independence there is a directive to be responsible for evolving the human entitlement to choose the best knowledge as understood.

Artists have been most privileged to sense trends before understood in conventional terms. Response ability is ultimately cultural behavior in the interest of inclusive coherence. Freedom of choice is what makes life an art. The value of freedom is in the sharing, so any advantage taken affects freedom of all. Government needs advantage to be as balanced as possible by constant change.

Paradox is most artfully expressed as constant change. Human being is half verb. Human as a noun appears to be the constant and being causes change.

Natural metamorphosis can wipe out all evidence of human influence fast enough to deserve credit. Human awareness changes natural process into pathology. Meditation is a responsible component of healthy reflection to thought development trends.

Restorative justice is the natural antidote to how this punitive system is costing too much in defenses. Defense will always be questionable so any answer needs to be destroyed as soon as possible to restore the search for living better.

Every choice has a regrettable loss for how much advantage seems to be gained. Self expression is a sense others need to exist and be allowed for generously. If everything you have is due to life, how appreciation manifests is the best response. Care giving indicates style of respect.


Blogger BBC said...

Defense will always be questionable

True, but it's improved if you have a gun.

3/17/08, 4:03 AM  
Blogger BBC said...

That wasn't supposed to make sense in relation to the post. :-)

3/17/08, 4:04 AM  
Blogger brad4d said...

A soldier on my TV (Democracy Now) just said , "All guns should be melted down and made into jewelry"
Human choice could cure that animal reflex, to be defensive and choose to trust care-giving options. What has happened to our economy is mainly due to what this Executive branch decided to do with It's guns! Guns are the worse dis-ease symptom. All you're defending with it is your sickness. Don't train people to chuckle at that kind of perversion. Sense-less is right.

3/17/08, 9:50 AM  
Blogger jim said...

Lol, funny comments too, between Bush, Cheney, McCain, and the Administration, I am dying laughing, but it ain't a damn bit funny, lol.

Hebrew would have us be half Angel and half Human, the human with free will,the angel locked down tight in a system. That is similar to the human and the being.

I just left a comment on the post 'Dignity' on Vincents' blog about the Natural Metamorphosis, I agree it does this.

And as to 'living better', there is where we need some meditation and some better choices, clap-on lights ain't necessarily living better, etc, etc.

Hard to get respect from a blind steamroller. What to do?

3/19/08, 12:46 AM  
Blogger BBC said...

Sure, it would be nice to melt all the guns down, but the cold hard facts is that we don't live on a planet that is conducive to doing that.

Besides, if things get really bad it never hurts to have one around to hunt a little game with.

Not to mention how important it is to have one in case of anarchy. Face it, not everyone on this planet is nice and peaceful.

3/20/08, 4:52 AM  

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