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Journaling conceptual design trends, mostly as "stream of consciousness" as encouragement. Environmental resolve will teach us peace. Paradox mediation provides the next healthy attitude.

Monday, November 27, 2006

paper & scissors rock


Saturday, November 25, 2006


I am so different from most people that I have to be considered an artist.
Observing behavior made my parents exceptional social workers and their example exposed me to the dangerous choices from free-thinking (so I know how to compost regrets!)

the best use of Art may be to depart from preconceived notions.

Art is Beyond Conventional thought, providing a way to relax thinking.

Relaxed definition encourages emerging properties.

Reality can be up-graded for the sake of design enhancement.

Consulting for style is considered marketing to appeal to a feeling level.
Like a director can observe inter-relation for centering balance.

Performance invests interest (on stories) to gain appreciation (of issue.)

I know why it is so hard to follow my logic,
I found freedom from logical thinking.

I tried meditation. My mom suggested the first form giving-up attention to breathing. My favorite trick of relaxation was while lying on my back I would suddenly be stretching everything, my arms and legs were tight from being longer, my neck and face stretched like in shock or surprise. Just as my body reached an intense quiver, I would let go so completely even my thoughts would go.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

balancing water

Energy-health allows
for a flowing of feelings,
like ancient images of meridians,
patterns demonstrate
paradox duality form-finding.

The earth is our body, but we are blocking vital circulation needs. The percentage of rivers damned is beyond belief! Rivers often run in relation to fault lines, so reseviors redistribute emense weights of water to run power plants that threaten (to change) how the spinning of earth depends on water balance. The blocked arteries must be healed.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

healthy attitude manual?

Tune-UP TECH 4 Attitude health maintenance application

Awareness is THE gift! What you do with IT is being conscious.

A teacher offers awareness but understanding is a conscious effort.

"Think About It" is the default expression. Credit other influences as well.

New Power sources are still unthought of.

Wanting to be happy may not be as healthy as we would like to think. It is the expectation that can distract us from how things are SO (that) we miss better opportunities. The need to control* creates what I call desiarrhea.

Contentment is accepting the best that is available to you. Concern is how we keep our awareness expanding to keep up with our needs.
Consciousness should be inspired in progression with pattern recognition.
The impatience of punitive conditioning could be relieved as a symptom.
Restorative energy can be focused into social concern services.

*The main editor is denial! This could all connect to depression managment through investment in fact finding (the alternative is fault-finding numbness.)

The image of de-fragmenting a Hard-Drive is a metaphor for connecting more truthful words to the description of standards. Balanced attitude means what you say IS what you do, but being honest about transgressions is a source of personal power, too.

EnJOYing a sense of integrity inspires sharing spirit of support-gathering.

Friday, November 17, 2006

flexible wealth health

To be "born equal" implies an inheritance of possibility. Our departure from European class systems gave us the freedom of inherent potential. There is a treasure we are born to discover (and distribute) hidden in the structure of life.

This is the game of KNOW THYSELF.

To uncover the wealth of health hidden in the style of (the) projection. Image is how we share ourselves. Opening doors requires we learn key values.

The infant wins approval by being agreeable, so it seems the first key is flexibility. When a child calls someone fat, it is just a word attaching to an image. Any discomfort is the blame or shame of someone else with opinions. The pre-opinion state is so much more agreeable.

Judgment has two powerful poles; Criticism and Approval.
Approval can balance the tumblers and open the door of opportunity. Criticizing creates the need (for desire) to win acceptance. Relaxing the reflex to critique can free the time defining. Approval ends the need to keep thinking about it.

When so many choices appear to need attention, we find flexibility by learning patience. The reaction we choose to focus on can un-lock conscious abilities. Characteristics become the tools we maintain a relation with to craft our career paths.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

patient feelings

Red Thomas started the School For Expressive Arts in The 60's. At our reunion we talked about his experience with Alzheimer's. As a Professor of psychology, his interest in observing behavior were most insightful. As a musician he found a key to staying connected. When feeling lost, he sits at the piano and asks people to name songs. The memory for music is his favorite therapy.
When my mom told me she had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's symptoms, I assured her that her training as a social worker would allow observation be more coherent for her. she didn't victimize herself with regrets.. For over seven years she amazed her doctors, and everyone lucky enough to share her presence. My father's caregiving actually makes him seem healthier than that day I was told.
Honesty seems to be the factor I would most like to credit for memory effectiveness. Denial and deception depress energy. Willingness to remain open allows details to be recalled with something other that thoughts, "If you told the truth, you wouldn't HAVE TO remember what you said"*
*I remember Jerry Brown saying that to Governor Clinton at a primary debate in '92.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

time spent voting

Being free loses meaning as we watch the two-party system create hugh costs to maintain their polarizing relationship. When so many of their values are sacrificed for election procedures, society will get short-changed to the max. Because so much goes into the fight, we can hardly expect peace. Lost is respectability of the game.
If it could only be more like a primary and the candidates could respect their opponents. Remember how West Wing ended with Alan Alda being hired by his rival? Would McCain have kept his party (and elections) more respectable?
Watching the parties weaken to this procedure should inspire a better kind of networking. By reading this are you voting to give the blogosphere credit?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Soul What?

My SOUL is a vibration. So much faster than the speed of light. It can illuminate a universe of atoms into a livable world story. My story intensifies when the heart opens to let the soul-light out. The ultimate projector of balance it allows a place for everything to exist as it pleases. Creating compensation for every debt as the ability to credit is intensified. Parenting perspective is foundation of contentment with struggle to evolve gracefully. Being American is blessed with entitlements of life, liberty and the pursuit of properties. Trust takes more heart and gives more appreciation as a vehicle of conceptual values. Spiritual joy is from connecting with soul.