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Saturday, November 18, 2006

healthy attitude manual?

Tune-UP TECH 4 Attitude health maintenance application

Awareness is THE gift! What you do with IT is being conscious.

A teacher offers awareness but understanding is a conscious effort.

"Think About It" is the default expression. Credit other influences as well.

New Power sources are still unthought of.

Wanting to be happy may not be as healthy as we would like to think. It is the expectation that can distract us from how things are SO (that) we miss better opportunities. The need to control* creates what I call desiarrhea.

Contentment is accepting the best that is available to you. Concern is how we keep our awareness expanding to keep up with our needs.
Consciousness should be inspired in progression with pattern recognition.
The impatience of punitive conditioning could be relieved as a symptom.
Restorative energy can be focused into social concern services.

*The main editor is denial! This could all connect to depression managment through investment in fact finding (the alternative is fault-finding numbness.)

The image of de-fragmenting a Hard-Drive is a metaphor for connecting more truthful words to the description of standards. Balanced attitude means what you say IS what you do, but being honest about transgressions is a source of personal power, too.

EnJOYing a sense of integrity inspires sharing spirit of support-gathering.


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