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Friday, November 17, 2006

flexible wealth health

To be "born equal" implies an inheritance of possibility. Our departure from European class systems gave us the freedom of inherent potential. There is a treasure we are born to discover (and distribute) hidden in the structure of life.

This is the game of KNOW THYSELF.

To uncover the wealth of health hidden in the style of (the) projection. Image is how we share ourselves. Opening doors requires we learn key values.

The infant wins approval by being agreeable, so it seems the first key is flexibility. When a child calls someone fat, it is just a word attaching to an image. Any discomfort is the blame or shame of someone else with opinions. The pre-opinion state is so much more agreeable.

Judgment has two powerful poles; Criticism and Approval.
Approval can balance the tumblers and open the door of opportunity. Criticizing creates the need (for desire) to win acceptance. Relaxing the reflex to critique can free the time defining. Approval ends the need to keep thinking about it.

When so many choices appear to need attention, we find flexibility by learning patience. The reaction we choose to focus on can un-lock conscious abilities. Characteristics become the tools we maintain a relation with to craft our career paths.


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