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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

time spent voting

Being free loses meaning as we watch the two-party system create hugh costs to maintain their polarizing relationship. When so many of their values are sacrificed for election procedures, society will get short-changed to the max. Because so much goes into the fight, we can hardly expect peace. Lost is respectability of the game.
If it could only be more like a primary and the candidates could respect their opponents. Remember how West Wing ended with Alan Alda being hired by his rival? Would McCain have kept his party (and elections) more respectable?
Watching the parties weaken to this procedure should inspire a better kind of networking. By reading this are you voting to give the blogosphere credit?


Blogger Charles Bergeman said...

Personally, I prefer the all night Party.

"Life is a blur of Republicans and Meat" - Zippy

11/8/06, 9:39 PM  

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