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Thursday, October 05, 2006

influence victim

When I am a victim of punitive programing, I try to make others PAY for being wrong but by being restorative (with questioning & listening) I'm finding more belief in justice (than what can be sold). So letting go of punitive reflexes leaves more resources to explore with. When I feel I'm changing a worse situation into something better, I can lend more attention to progress when sharing the influence (inclusive peddling).
Instead of right or wrong, try "for better or for worse" (as decision making standards.)


Blogger jim said...

You know in real life, there is a problem with this, my experience is that people don't want to be restored, don't want to be fixed or corrected, they are often very happy broken. Plus you are taking a chance on things entering into unchartered and very dark territory, maybe unearthing some serious hidden secrets, if that happened to be in the hearing of another, there might be hell to pay for someone, of course, they would be getting fixed, but not pleasantly, and the outcome can be disasterous for others. Some problems.

10/6/06, 9:58 PM  
Blogger bradford said...

I call this greater feeling emotionography. The ocean of emotion is needed to create an atmosphere of power-full potential, helping people actualize self-correcting principles, because parenting is my focus NOW problems are expectable!

10/7/06, 2:45 AM  

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