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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

government takes advantage

Government is the punishment for the style consumer we have become (as mean).
By wanting influence over others we must consider the legacy of manifest destiny.
Reparations seem most likely through campaign reform for as long as a product-based economy uses the spirit of donation to influence legislation the country will need materialistic slaves.
Freedom can evolve the spirit of service.
Health care is the entitlement our bodies deserve as vehicles (of all action). The form of attachment health plans have with jobs echo present forms of coercion being used by our government even as far as It's foreign policy. The "rewarded" payments to some countries stresses It's intention to punish adversaries with a style that encourages fights in order to justify waring attitudes. The policy to declare war on things like drugs, poverty and illiteracy show It's dependence on aggression.
The costs of a punitive system are reaching the obvious level of need to yield to a restorative attitude.

The profit motive of capitalism means we have to "take advantage" of everything we can . . I like to believe the information age might develop a spirit of suggested donation to equalize individual distractions, people are starting to see we can win together(ness) when the advantage gives up the need for losers. Is the Republican Party losing its strength by flaunting how much (advantage) it won at once? To stop paying into this system we could develop a "service" mentality for suggested donation and praise the power of generousity as it develops a cure for this credit/ debt dis-ease.



Blogger Charles Bergeman said...

Have you been reading Ayn Rand?

I'm 2 thirds through the foundation. I am enjoying the way capitalism, religion and the "collective" play against the individual who holds his integrity above his material needs or desires.

When faced with a government that meets dissent, conflict and out-of-step opinions with agression, it can seem hopeless to some of us.

I am hopeful that oversight will begin this fall following the elections. This agression desperately needs to be tempered with calm, considered approaches that will help america regain some of it's good will in the world.

Not to mention what is happening to our own people. So many are disenfranchised, approaching desperation. A restorative attitude is long overdue.

For the future of our country and the world, it cannot happen too soon.

9/20/06, 7:14 PM  
Blogger jim said...

I see 'capitalism' as an 'inbetween' necessity, it engages the spirit, it encourages self-restraint, it enables self-sufficiency (or a semblance of it), but it is true that it is not right and needs fixing.

The 'manifest destiny' thing, oddly enough, I believe is right, but not necessarily like they go about it, it could and should be a gentler thing, hah! Like they can think that way, 'Declare war on...', instead of fix the problems that cause the need.

Restoration is the way to go, but it doesn't mean turning back the clock and making the same mistakes again. Service to something worthwhile (in a quality-sense and a humanly good sense, promotive of human 'life', like time for family and self, as well as the whole), that would do it, Bradford. Start over from where we are, and correct the 'bents' as you restore the thing.

9/20/06, 10:15 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Also, I agree with Bergeman.

9/20/06, 10:16 PM  
Blogger Charles Bergeman said...

I feel a sense of foreboding.

I watch closely and with interest world events (UN meetings, Congress vs. Executive over interregation techniques, etc.).

I feel like the reigns are swiftly being wrestled from the grasp of the people and placed in the hands of madmen.

Individuals with conscience and dreams of a peaceful coexistence, as well as aspirations for themselves and their loved ones are increasingly losing hope.

People like Bradford and others provide small doses of serum that restore some of that hope, but the ominous clouds of fear, posturing, and war are casting shadows on all with the best intentions.

In Hungary, we are witnessing the now waning protests over the blatant lies leading to the election of their Prime Minister, alonside the revelations of misleading statements by our own leaders, our faith in "Government" as an institution has been shaken.

And yet, the coupe in Thailand would appear to be a small victory of people over a corrupt government. However, the new military rulers have banned meetings by all political parties.

Muslim insurgencies threaten the future of Thailand as they do in other places in the world.

Emboldened by the growing support for resistence to western influence resulting from poorly crafted policies of the US government and some of it's allies, they strike in vulnerable areas of the world to increase their influence.

These self-fullfilling prophesies of our government and the Muslim "extremests" are gaining momentum and encouraging an attitude of genocide. Muslim extremists are honest enough to state openly their intentions, our government is not.

Oddly enough, these movers and shakers do not represent the hearts and minds of the majority of people in this world. And yet, they weild powers and influence that currently trumps what the people can muster in defense.

This restoration you speak of may be the most important endevour of our times.

The question remains, how can such a restoration gain momentum and influence sufficient to overshadow the well fortified bunkers and powerful weapons of hateful madmen?

Thoughtful individuals and those who embrace philosophies that exault human potential and peace, must develope methods and means to inform, and inspire people to rise up against these madmen before they damage our world beyond repair.

Never before in our history has there been a threat so great to our very existence.

Not only are world leaders posturing and preparing for war, our cultures have embraced lifestyles and technologies, that threaten our health, and our environment.

It is not all doom and gloom, we can make a difference. But our adversaries are emboldened and have gained powers that will be difficult to counter.

Can Peaceful resistance be a sufficient response? I certainly hope so. We must rely on our intelect, reason and faith in our fellow man.

Sorry for the long comment, but I feel this is very important.


9/21/06, 1:01 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Well said Bergeman, Charles, very well said.

I followed in full agreement thruout the piece, but I hesitate to think that there is a way via 'uprising' by the population to bring restoration and repair and enable further progress in a sane and peaceful fashion. Perhaps tho that is what will happen, this time being different from the 'reactionary revolutions' of the past, which were oft polluted to begin with and which were perverted during and after the events.

I look more toward a necessary correction from supernatural forces, not really supernatural but more in a sense of 'underlying structural reactions' brought on by the insanity you speak of and the wanton resort to bloodshed and violence by the irrational minority spread world wide.

This restoration is akin to the earth restoring herself, making her own adjustments, getting herself back into a comfort zone of existence, without totally destroying the surface structure beyond living capacity.

Short of that extreme, human adjustments must be continually strived for and made, with as little recourse to violence and the creation of more misery. Like your example with the govt of Hungary, the people have to express their dissatisfaction and express the unacceptability of the current deceptions and non-constructive ways of our appointed overseers.

Perhaps there is a limit to what will be allowed, I myself hope there is, a limit to the extent of insanity and violence used to support it, in other words, a limit whereby the perpetrators cross the line and trigger the preset mechanisms of correction.

Whatever is the case, dialogue and discussion and plain speaking in favor of correction and restoration is essential, I am sure, even a large part of whatever method of restoration arrives.

Let us hope! And continue discussing, complaining and expecting, there is no delivery without the pregnancy. Seed the Heavens!

9/22/06, 10:48 PM  
Blogger bradford said...

Robert Heinlein wrote (in 1965) about a virtual revolution run by a computer, called The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. The sense of leadership as a laughing stock inspired the liberation of a new state of restorative relations with minimal punitive demonstration. This would make a great movie.

9/25/06, 12:31 AM  

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