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Monday, September 25, 2006

poetic liberty

It is interesting to watch paper concepts (rules and laws) influence human behavior. Stories become the foundation of what we think we are. Characters develop from family traditional understandings. History is very personal.

The need to keep documentation seems to be what we call development. This is why so many can believe The Bible is truth. The stories were told from the innocent age before man could even write. Could the Ten Commandments be the first documentation of writing ever existing? Human nature is to dispute the truth so writing things down helps them keep a grip.

The curse of seeming smart is that everybody wants to teach you something. We need to believe someone can share our truth so this becomes the basis of trust. We show respect with our ability to listen. Understanding is the sharing of what we feel we can give. The time we spend convincing others that we can focus earns us certificates of achievement.

What gets us into power? Those who want it seem to need it to make up for something they feel is missing. Corruption will always be a sense of power.

Freedom is the opposite of power and every religious teaching tries to imply the best example of their time. The wisdom of a storyteller is relative value of honest acceptance. The trouble with rules and laws is what they try to deny (but are poetically telling) with conceptual projection (of history).


Blogger Charles Bergeman said...

Perspective has everything to do with ones view of not only history, but history in the making.

The perspective of those who captured the words on tablet that Moses placed in their hands, have a very different view of those times than someone who lived far from that place and from the influence of those men.

And yet, that perspective, lives on to this day, and influences millions.

It is also true that ones perspective is shaped by the way they view the world. Are they coming at it as a Historian would? Just relating the facts, and statements of people from those times?

Or, are they coming at it from a Spiritual viewpoint? Philisophical? Political? Economic? Social?

There are many ways to view the same events from the same place and time.

I tend to favor the philosophers view. I have friends that cover many others.

The spiritual viewpoint has gained favor in recent years and has overshadowed the others.

In fact the prominent Philosphers have, for the most part, been relegated to the role of court jesters.

I may be biased, but I think it is easier to convince someone, in particular those who are desperate, of spiritual paths, than it is to articulate a well constructed Philosophy (sans religion) to a layperson.

Faith, whether it be in God, or other mystical beliefs, needs no evidence or proof. Many may disagree, as they have had personal experiences that they can point to as proof of their beliefs.

However, this is the reason that spirituality alone cannot lead a society to a new plateau. People are encouraged to reject aspects of thier own very personal spiritual experiences in favor of a form of spirituality that is prescribed by those who organize the masses around an agreed upon spiritual concept.

A good philosophy needs to stand up to rigorous debate, where a spiritual belief need only respond with dogmatic reflexes to fend off contradictions.

I do not say this to justify my viewpoint, but rather to point out the differences. In fact, Philosphy is not the only manner in which I endeavor to understand the world and my place in it.

Spirituality as a personal exploration has many rewards as well as answers that are profound in the context of that individuals life.

A discussion of a system of values by which one lives, which focuses on the spiritual, tends to be personal and highly sensitive when subjected to intelectual debate.

When examining society, looking for a common ground where we can live peacefully, and still explore our spiritual needs, without threatening those who do not share our beliefs, it is useful to take a philisophical approach, utilizing critical thinking.

I see no forum for this in today's society, and it saddens me to see this opportunity lost.

To shift the energies of people in the world to take us in a more positive direction, charismatic philosphers are needed. They need to be willing to debate with reason and subject their ideas to scrutiny.

They need to share a common desire to ensure our place in the universe remains peaceful, meaningful and rewarding, for generations to come.

I dream of a day when I see this type of debate flurish and concensus begin to grow regarding a philosophy, or even a collecion of compatible philosphies that set aside personal spiritual debates in favor of solid philosophies that allow people to persue their own beliefs while placing others on an equal footing, even if their spiritual persuits are highly incompatible.

Some may say that to seperate their spiritual beliefs makes it impossible to find a foothold in a particular philosophy. I don't agree.

In fact, I believe that much of todays societal ills can be traced to those who attempt to measure the value of others or their contributions based on their own personal spiritual beliefs.

Eliminating ones spiritual beliefs from the equation, places you in the center of a debate that can be applied to society as a whole, rather than the other way around.



9/25/06, 12:35 PM  
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