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Monday, October 02, 2006

open confusion

Some of the most inspirational pieces I have read were confusing at the time. The work of learning isn't just a small period of informative years.
Dealing with imbalance is indicated by this trend of yoga, meditation, tai-chi, etc. Facts used to represent strength training but application development, offers flexibility conditioning.
There is no end to understanding if I balance the looking for insight with a way to search with insight. When A task seems challenging how reflexive is it to say, "why bother?"?
Being moved to act is a matter of openness. The fear of this, balances the value (of rethinking) with cost of mistake making.
The older I get the more I welcome confusion as relief from boredom. My tendency to limit explaination is a trust of the reader to get around to investing enough interest for appreciating the open questions (of life as we know it) to extend time to digest information into compost . .


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