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Monday, September 25, 2006

. . free to ask?

I truly am sorry to have to know this, HAving HAppiness is a loss of freedom.
The joke of attachment is why we must die.
So many great relations have passed on so I could resolve physical pain (of loss) with the joy of having shared so much time with them.
Contentment comes from allowance for values of exceptional experience.
Exceptions were made before rules, or we couldn't have been made so exceptional.
The body has a want for food and shelter but desire makes us slave to our needs.
Desire must remain a spirit to reveal the secret of joyful service.
The best feelings are about sharing time with others.
Powerful partnerships depend on a yielding individuality. These can maintain (teach) equality as long as no advantage is implied.
The recognition of subservient roles is a weakness born of fear.
Being sorry is how we admit to weakness and fear.
Regret is the by-product of choice, so to regret that is to find where choice comes from and search for freedom.
You might regret what you find and still be content with how you served the process (and see purpose).
Because happiness is a physical condition of the body ( in contrast to a just feeling) there is a material attachment or cost.
Contentment is (the) acceptance of what must be done (work necessary) to reach the next state of rest.
Joy is the spirit of advancing awareness.
I AM sorry in relation to the joy that cannot be shared (without being requested).
(with love in my heart for Jayne's memories Sept.25,1956-July 22, 2002)


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