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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Healthy Attitude

is reward for the best education . . . by the Three Rs (relation, response, respect)
Interactive applications to help process the age of information.
Relation builds experience by variance of response.
Values of the balancing conditions become respect.
Relations are the experience of care so parental style the first condition.
Primary response to our feelings came from parental role development.
Self respect is a competency level of responsibility for relationship.
Mutual respect is sharing values for relating response abilities.
The growth factor determines healthy functioning, with the body as a primary collection of sensing systems that must relate to share responsibility.
The awareness of discomfort is the primary movement away from health.
Can we always consider discomfort at the expense of harmony (and health)?
If punishing circumstances create costs, relieving those tendencies might be an unaccounted for supplement to healthy focus.
Penalty assessment is in relation to maintaining levels of comfort associated with maximum performance projections.
Health care gives the attitude an element of action for cultural unification.
The costly side of care is the aggravation of imbalance.
Balance exists in contentment (without a care). BUT
To be happy we must indulge in the care dynamic. (what goes up / comes down)
The opposite of care is indifference as The principle behind the statement, "Ignorance is bliss!"
The down side of indifference is the deception of denial as intentional.
Insensitivity is in relation to distracted unattachment usually at the expense of personal attention needs becoming pathological.


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