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Saturday, September 30, 2006

progressive acceptance

In My Experience . .
The most important thing a cancer victim must do to become a patient is accept their condition. Acceptance is the spirit of awareness.

This means God would not condemn anything! so anyone who tries to believe otherwise is having problems with spiritual balancing.
I have trouble believing religions appreciate The Creator enough because of the power to be hurt(ful) by followers. Power means politics and the obvious toxic side of government is becoming more pronounced. When the Constitution said, "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". . man had recognized that self determination IS freedom. To depend on anyone is (in degrees) slavery. Legally, children are victims of their parents until they are eighteen and in return their actions can legally victimize their parents. My exposure to the ranges of change in parenting methods give me rights to donate stories of experience as values.
These seem to be the values of a properly aligned spirit . .
Creation, the Will to act,
Acceptance with Patience as ability to wait is sharing,
Donating time, as ultimate Volunteerism is Parenting,
Donating resources for building stability into future cycles,
Appreciating everything as an element in a dynamic of growth,
for prayer is Praise (not asking for something better).
The most important exercise is controlling condemnation. To use (project) the limit of others' understanding is hollow self-esteem. What good is self-esteem if I just sit by myself and steam? The way religions use condemnation turns other spirits inharmonious (in the uni-verse). Could this be a key to what cancer is on a cellular level? Denial affects our access to care.
Could questions offer balancing fields for neutralizing negativity?
How much of what "we don't know won't hurt us" is used against us by us?
No? Is that WORD the most basic condemnation?
I try to accept what I see in others as hints to know (not no) myself.
Self interest can reflect a better nature if I keep my mirror clear.What I negate in others I negate in myself.(Golden Rule-wise) so (instead) I never miss the opportunity to consider someone a genius!


Blogger bradford said...

ironically I had this post ready before I saw the comment on the last post - being edgy has its risks! Being a single dad, I could be more CAREful? Say yes & remain positive . .

9/30/06, 3:32 PM  
Blogger Rhiannon said...

I liked the whole post myself. Food for thought is also nourishing...:)



10/1/06, 12:46 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Right, how could a country start off so right and become so slavish? I know and you are getting close, religions are involved in the answer, but I won't tell you how that is unless you make me.

Right also, patience is sharing, always. Parenting is volunteer work always.

And so so Right regarding the contribution to growth as the essence of the physical involvement and origin of the task. This is a generational endeavor, regardless of bloodlines or kinship or nationalities or races. Tho in all those there are small levels of branching growths. Very insightful of you Bradford, I was glad to see that written, never saw it before now.

You are quite a genius.

10/2/06, 12:19 AM  

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